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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#374 Need help getting Sapphire source compiled Other 1.0b8.0.3 Comment new 06/25/10
#382 Problem & solution with clean install Metadata - TV Show 1.0b8.0.5 Comment new 08/19/10
#208 Ditch tvrage and move to thetvdb.com Metadata - TV Show 1.0b6.3 Enhancement new 08/02/08
#387 Scraper with other language Metadata - Movie 1.0b8.0.5 Enhancement new 09/19/10
#388 HD Content Playback Poor Playback 1.0b8.0.5 Enhancement new 09/26/10
#394 Using QT7 as default ? Settings 1.0b8.0.5 Enhancement new 12/19/10
#395 Special Features Discs Metadata - Movie 1.0b8.0.5 Enhancement new 01/23/11

Awaiting User Feedback Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#80 Fetching Data text misalignment Metadata - Movie 1.0b4.2 Defect new 01/06/08

Beta 7 Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#289 Recoverable file delete Browser 1.0b7 Enhancement new 07/11/09

Sometime in the Future Release (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#216 Suggested Features Other 1.0b6.3 Enhancement new 08/21/08
#260 HD Label Browser 1.0b6.4 Enhancement new 12/30/08

(empty) (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#10 Pausing during playback Playback 1.0b3.1 Defect pmerrill assigned 09/04/07
#125 multiple sound tracks Audio Defect new 02/18/08
#183 Multiple-file movies auto-recognised Other 1.0b6.1 Defect new 06/18/08
#290 Feature Request: Parental Controls Browser 1.0b6.5 Defect new 07/16/09
#13 EyeTV support Other 1.0b3.1 Enhancement new 10/06/07
#14 List duplicate / missing episodes Browser 1.0b3.1 Enhancement new 10/11/07
#18 Feature Request - Play next unplayed Browser 1.0b3.1 Enhancement new 10/19/07
#35 add option to show spoilers only if the ep is marked as watched Browser 1.0b4.1 Enhancement new 12/13/07
#41 Choose preferred Language for titles Metadata - Movie 1.0b4.1 Enhancement pmerrill assigned 12/14/07
#54 Play all Playback 1.0b4.2 Enhancement new 12/21/07
#55 feature request: "Recently Watched" virtual directory Browser 1.0b4.2 Enhancement new 12/22/07
#78 Add "filename" view to collections browser Browser 1.0b4.2 Enhancement new 01/04/08
#85 Add ability to add own regex's for filename recognition and associate with .xml data. Other 1.0b4.2 Enhancement new 01/12/08
#90 New View Other 1.0b4.2 Enhancement new 01/24/08
#92 Subtitle toggling / selection Playback 1.0b5 Enhancement new 01/26/08
#131 Delete button, dummy choice for rare movies, regexp idea for movie naming convention Metadata - Movie 1.0b5 Enhancement new 03/04/08
#145 Additional naming convention for TV shows ripped from DVDs Other 1.0b5 Enhancement new 03/30/08
#150 Coming Soon... Browser 1.0b5 Enhancement new 04/06/08
#153 REQUEST: shuffle for episodes/movies = my TV station Playback 1.0b6 Enhancement new 04/09/08
#168 Optional movie details in chooser Browser 1.0b6 Enhancement new 05/13/08
#192 Additional Categories Other 1.0b6.1 Enhancement new 07/09/08
#224 miro support? Other 1.0b6.3 Enhancement new 09/14/08
#232 Trailers preview....... Other 1.0b6.3 Enhancement new 09/22/08
#241 [Feature Request] List of unimported files Other 1.0b6.4 Enhancement new 10/02/08
#287 TV episode/Folder Feature request Other 1.0b6.5 Enhancement new 06/01/09
#297 Treat Movie filters the same as TV Show filters - on cursor right menu Browser 1.0b7 Enhancement new 08/04/09
#328 Feature request: add other movies databases Other 1.0b6.5 Enhancement new 11/14/09
#331 Should allow user to refetch poster data when choosing Choose Artwork Other 1.0b7 Enhancement new 11/14/09
#332 Additional sorting options Other 1.0b7 Enhancement new 11/15/09
#334 List partially watched items Other 1.0b7 Enhancement new 11/15/09
#336 german support through imdb.de ? Metadata - Movie 1.0b7 Enhancement new 11/22/09
#347 [Feature Request] Import All Data from command line Other 1.0b7 Enhancement new 12/24/09
#349 Feature request: copy Browser 1.0b7 Enhancement new 12/27/09
#376 more information when importing Leopard 1.0b8.0.3 Enhancement new 06/28/10
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