23:21 Changeset [103] by gbooker
Put downloaded images in a "<Cover Art>" directory.
22:18 Changeset [102] by gbooker
Added extensions class to share the code without warnings.
22:13 Changeset [101] by gbooker
Marking to re-import TV added.
21:53 Changeset [100] by gbooker
Different order in search, slightly more efficient.
21:39 Changeset [99] by pmerrill
Episodes will look for covers two directories up ST it will load images in …
21:25 Changeset [98] by gbooker
Importing metadata from TVRage.
20:55 Changeset [97] by pmerrill
File Preview art will attempt to load a cover image before reverting to …
19:26 Changeset [96] by gbooker
More consistent key with the XML file
19:09 Changeset [95] by gbooker
Hopefully a fix for 1.1 crashing.
18:31 Changeset [94] by gbooker
Don't need to import this header file anymore.
18:26 Changeset [93] by gbooker
Moved these strings to within the TV safe zones Fixed a warning.
18:21 Changeset [92] by gbooker
Restructured these classes so we can add more classes which use the same …
17:04 Changeset [91] by pmerrill
--File Name added to import screen
16:02 Changeset [90] by gbooker
Better pruning of the meta data for display
10:10 Changeset [89] by gbooker
Respect the spoilers setting


23:35 Changeset [88] by gbooker
Cover flow for directories and the like.
23:25 Changeset [87] by gbooker
Load coverflow pictures.
23:23 Changeset [86] by gbooker
NSSet is a bit more efficient at this
22:38 Changeset [85] by gbooker
Prettier metadata display by using what BR already has.
16:39 Changeset [84] by pmerrill
-- removed some commented code
16:33 Changeset [83] by gbooker
Fixed the dividers not disappearing (how annoying that reload doesn't get …
16:33 Changeset [82] by gbooker
crasher fix
15:39 Changeset [81] by pmerrill
-- Added verbose progress indicator to the import tool


21:14 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
20:33 Changeset [80] by gbooker
Fixed the icons in the settings for the first run
20:23 Changeset [79] by gbooker
Much better icon handling, and a nicer, more expandable theme interface.
19:56 Changeset [78] by gbooker
Some more optimizations and respect the fast directory setting.
19:52 Changeset [77] by pmerrill
Fixed Settings Menu Icon Display
19:28 Changeset [76] by pmerrill
added (BOOL)fastSwitching to the header
19:13 Changeset [75] by pmerrill
Added Settings menu option for fast menu switching (loading cached meta …
19:10 Changeset [74] by gbooker
Added the ability to rescan for new files in the predicated browser
17:46 Changeset [73] by gbooker
Organized the classes a bit
17:46 Changeset [72] by gbooker
Some cache of items. Should speed up scrolling.
16:56 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
16:55 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
16:10 Changeset [71] by gbooker
The predicate wasn't actually used, oops.
05:23 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
05:22 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
05:14 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
05:03 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
05:02 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
05:00 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
01:45 Changeset [70] by gbooker
* Added MPEG extension * Made work on the atv update
00:24 Changeset [69] by gbooker
URL Loading to send data.
00:00 Milestone Beta 1 completed
---- == Release Beta 1 ==


23:57 Changeset [68] by gbooker
Stuff needed for release and optimizations I missed in the last commit.
23:57 Changeset [67] by gbooker
Some optimizations.
22:02 Changeset [66] by gbooker
* Setting watched or favorite scans directories before setting, to catch …
20:23 Changeset [65] by gbooker
Use sapphire's icon for the preview.
20:14 Changeset [64] by pmerrill
forgot the file 'add'
20:13 Changeset [63] by pmerrill
Added new icon for Import
20:12 Changeset [62] by gbooker
UI Quit
19:59 Changeset [61] by pmerrill
Added Hide UI Quit to settings menu
19:54 Changeset [60] by pmerrill
Added cone icon to SapphireTheme?
19:40 Changeset [59] by pmerrill
Fixed up the Gear icon to an appropriate size
19:40 Changeset [58] by gbooker
Don't need this caching anymore.
19:33 Changeset [57] by gbooker
Predicate matching for watched/favorite marking and display
19:09 Changeset [56] by pmerrill
Added MORE icons to menues!
19:06 Changeset [55] by gbooker
Corrected predicate matching.
19:06 Changeset [54] by gbooker
This was reversed.
19:05 Changeset [53] by gbooker
Corrected location of changing this name.
18:53 Changeset [52] by pmerrill
Added new icons to main menu Added padding to filename to display new …
18:18 Changeset [51] by gbooker
Might be nice to read the meta data instead of ignoring it.
17:59 Changeset [50] by gbooker
Audited the metadata code and removed many bugs.
17:59 Changeset [49] by gbooker
Added theme support.
17:45 Changeset [48] by pmerrill
Added Icon files to the project
17:42 Changeset [47] by pmerrill
Added new gem icons
16:01 Changeset [46] by gbooker
Some UI cleanup
15:11 Changeset [45] by gbooker
Don't prune anymore (disconnected shares and the like make this annoying).
15:10 Changeset [44] by gbooker
Crash fixer


22:53 Changeset [43] by gbooker
Constrained perfectly within the TV Safe areas.
22:31 Changeset [42] by gbooker
Use tab alignments, makes a much nicer meta-data display.
19:35 Changeset [41] by pmerrill
Reduced icon filesize
19:14 Changeset [40] by pmerrill
-Updated Icon -Fixed Reflection for updated icon
18:54 Changeset [39] by gbooker
Reload the directory contents at the correct time.
18:39 Changeset [38] by gbooker
Fixed for all build types
18:35 Changeset [37] by gbooker
Previewer More metadata stored.
13:08 Changeset [36] by gbooker
Metadata import menu works.
13:08 Changeset [35] by gbooker
Better method for enabling or disabling the cstom seek function.


22:38 Changeset [34] by gbooker
Custom Seek Functions. 5 s, then 10, then 20, etc.. Resets if you go the …
19:25 Changeset [33] by pmerrill
Forgot to add back ApplianceIcon?.png after removing …
19:19 Changeset [32] by pmerrill
Fixed Icon Trans. Fixed Reflection Offset for Icon Display
18:20 Changeset [31] by pmerrill
NEW Icon <3
17:30 Changeset [30] by gbooker
Handle empty directories.
17:17 Changeset [29] by gbooker
Settings now affect main menu Added a quick way to get the settings
16:23 Changeset [28] by gbooker
Resume support Unwatched support for directories If a directory is empty …
14:48 Changeset [27] by gbooker
Marking, and a bug fix or two
14:11 Changeset [26] by gbooker
Don't need this header.
14:08 Changeset [25] by gbooker
These should not have been commented.
13:52 Changeset [24] by gbooker
Mark menu control. We will likely have to make our own at some point.
12:16 Changeset [23] by gbooker
Save the settings
12:07 Changeset [22] by gbooker
Refactored settings a bit to ease reading/writing Redraw support enabled …


22:19 Changeset [21] by gbooker
Oops again on my last oops
21:39 Changeset [20] by pmerrill
Added Controller for Populating Show Data Added icon update to settings …
16:49 Changeset [19] by gbooker
01:36 Changeset [18] by pmerrill
Minor Display Tweak for Info.plist
00:52 Changeset [17] by pmerrill
Info.Plist Changes
00:52 Changeset [16] by gbooker
Set the icons and titles for subdirs Added a divider between directories …


23:42 Changeset [15] by pmerrill
22:40 Changeset [14] by gbooker
Metadata versioning on file basis.
20:35 Changeset [13] by pmerrill
Added Fluff
20:32 Changeset [12] by gbooker
I am sloppy
20:29 Changeset [11] by gbooker
* Fixed potential memory leak * Settings get flipped * Size is set to - …
19:15 Changeset [10] by pmerrill
Added Settings Controller Updated Menu Titles Added Predicate Framework …
17:42 Changeset [9] by gbooker
Class based predicates Metadata wasn't saved
17:21 Changeset [8] by gbooker
Predicate matching.
15:39 Changeset [7] by pmerrill
added icon
15:27 Changeset [6] by gbooker
A new main-menu and the browser is now a different class
13:00 Changeset [5] by gbooker
I am an idiot. I forgot to add these files. Now the meta-data routines …


23:39 Changeset [4] by gbooker
Much more advanced meta-data structure. Better importing as well, but not …
18:32 Changeset [3] by gbooker
* Background fetching of Movie meta-data. * Displays the filesize * …
16:29 Changeset [2] by gbooker
Tracking metadata information.
15:37 WikiStart edited by pmerrill
13:26 WikiStart edited by Patrick Merrill
13:01 Changeset [1] by pmerrill
Initial import
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