23:20 Changeset [209] by gbooker
Be sure to use the file's path, not the path of the filename within the …
23:13 Changeset [208] by gbooker
Fix a case where duplicate information exists but one may point to a file …
23:12 Changeset [207] by gbooker
It seems this function changed return types, and with the wonder of …
21:27 Changeset [206] by gbooker
Added the rest of the notifications. This should mostly complete the tv …
21:18 Changeset [205] by gbooker
Exclude non-existing files (for instance, on missing mounts).
20:25 Changeset [204] by gbooker
Activate the tv directory. Seems to work now. Only issue, how to deal …
18:49 Ticket #11 (Individual XML Metadate files) closed by gbooker
wontfix: You are talking completely different technologies, so no.


22:25 Changeset [203] by gbooker
* Reverted some of [202]; it just wasn't the best way to do it and would …
17:40 Changeset [202] by gbooker
* Added a protocol for the directory so that it is easier to make a …
15:00 Ticket #11 (Individual XML Metadate files) created by anonymous
Instead of dumping the metadata into one xml, can it be split into …


10:06 Ticket #10 (Pausing during playback) created by anonymous
I get pausing and skipping during playback. I am playing from a network …


20:13 Changeset [201] by gbooker
Changed all www.nanopi.net to www.nanopi.net
20:12 Changeset [200] by gbooker
Allows the hidding and skipping of collections.


19:42 Changeset [199] by gbooker
Now capable of seeing all mount points. This is where I see sapphire …
19:04 Changeset [198] by gbooker
Somehow I lost a bunch of my changes here, oops.
18:31 Changeset [197] by gbooker
Fixing some sloppy mistakes.
14:38 Ticket #9 (Can't see m4v files) closed by gbooker
fixed: [155]
14:30 Changeset [196] by gbooker
Lots of changes: * Only a single browser now since it can change …


18:29 Changeset [195] by gbooker
Seperated out the multiple importer code from the all importer so it can …
17:46 Changeset [194] by gbooker
Compare equality on modification time instead of > just in case


05:08 Ticket #9 (Can't see m4v files) created by simon.anderson@…
Hey, first, wanted to say what a great app! I wouldn't have bought an …


18:44 Changeset [193] by gbooker
Added file classes


14:46 Changeset [192] by gbooker
Sort was not working correctly, this fixes it.
14:46 Changeset [191] by gbooker
Sloppy mistake.
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