21:26 Ticket #71 (If Your Movie folder is a link or alias then Sapphire will not work) closed by gbooker
17:23 Ticket #132 (Scan for new episodes functionality) created by joda
It would be great to have Sapphire check with tv-rage whether a new ep of …


20:33 Changeset [505] by gbooker
Updated the layout to put the filename in the correct place


21:51 Ticket #131 (Delete button, dummy choice for rare movies, regexp idea for movie naming ...) created by mhuehne@…
Hello Sapphire Team! What a great tool! Just have my Apple TV 4 days, but …


15:39 Ticket #130 (Skip "Season x" in Virtual Directory if only 1 season is present) created by anonymous
Have Sapphire check to see if there is more than one season of a …


13:04 Ticket #129 (Blackscreen in frontrow when SRT subtitle is active) closed by gbooker
invalid: Apple's bug with frontrow, not Sapphire's. Perian has discussed this …
10:11 Ticket #129 (Blackscreen in frontrow when SRT subtitle is active) created by anonymous
Tested on latest macbook / leopard including all updates and sapphire with …


11:52 Changeset [504] by gbooker
Same more take 2 compat stuff (could this be the last of it?)
11:45 Changeset [503] by gbooker
Added the ability for this to customize the list size/position as well
11:44 Changeset [502] by gbooker
A compat call even though we don't use it
11:43 Changeset [501] by gbooker
Better structure this if statement to return the correct value on leopard …


19:45 Changeset [500] by gbooker
If the button stuff is commented out, the importer seems to work
10:15 Changeset [499] by gbooker
Added compat function for getting a text's rendered size within contraints


20:59 Changeset [498] by gbooker
These classes changed size too; don't want to overwrite super's class data
19:27 Changeset [497] by gbooker
Some take 2 updates (can playback now if the importer is removed from the …


19:48 Changeset [496] by gbooker
Patch from Stephan again. I changed the int to a real in the info.plist …


09:23 Ticket #128 (Import data asks to select movie title multiple times) created by Jeremy
I've been trying to figure out the exact pattern for this behaviour but I …


18:11 Changeset [495] by steile
Add usingTakeTwo method, which is like usingFrontRow except only true on …
16:56 Ticket #127 (Identify and get metadata for VIDEO_TS folders) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #100 Search next time; like the directions state
16:33 Ticket #127 (Identify and get metadata for VIDEO_TS folders) created by doug-sapphire@…
Playing VIDEO_TS folders is a fantastic feature, but it would be even …


16:53 Changeset [494] by gbooker
Start of Take 2 update; thanks Stephan Refs #126
15:31 Ticket #126 (First patch which enables Sapphire in Take2) created by stephan
Hi, this is the first patch which adapts 3 files to ATV Take2 (all the …


09:05 Ticket #125 (multiple sound tracks) created by vidalk@…
Hello all my question is get my films with dual mode Spanish and English …


21:55 Ticket #123 (no files found) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #100
20:03 Ticket #123 (no files found) created by rwilimo@…
I installed beta 5 on a mac mini coreduo. The browser works perfectly but …


12:11 Changeset [493] by steile
Fix a compile warning
09:03 Ticket #121 (Scans directories on the skip list) closed by gbooker
duplicate: Obviously you didn't read BugReporting which explicitly states to search …
08:59 Ticket #122 (Duplicate Genres) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [492]) Remove returns at the end of gerne names Fixes #122
08:59 Changeset [492] by gbooker
Remove returns at the end of gerne names Fixes #122
05:52 Ticket #122 (Duplicate Genres) created by anonymous
for some reason some of my files are making their own genres...even though …
04:49 Ticket #121 (Scans directories on the skip list) created by fb@…
I have directories set to be skipped, but sapphire scans them all …


20:51 Ticket #120 (Add possibility to use directories for movie lookup) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [491]) Patch to select the directory instead of the filename for movie …
20:51 Changeset [491] by gbooker
Patch to select the directory instead of the filename for movie searches. …
19:38 Ticket #120 (Add possibility to use directories for movie lookup) created by Stephan
The attached patch adds the option to use the directoryname instead of …
11:39 Changeset [490] by steile
Add a SapphireTakeTwoCompatClasses? framework like …
10:15 Changeset [489] by steile
Fix SapphireCenteredMenuController? on ATV2.


20:18 Ticket #119 (Add aka-search support to IMDB queries) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [488]) Enable AKA searches as well Fixes #119
20:18 Changeset [488] by gbooker
Enable AKA searches as well Fixes #119
18:48 Ticket #119 (Add aka-search support to IMDB queries) created by Stephan
Hi, actually I'm not sure which sideeffect this has, but the aka-search …
18:45 Ticket #118 (Flashing Window importing files) closed by pmerrill
duplicate: Same as #95 - Fixed with Rev 480
13:11 Changeset [487] by steile
Let's make this actually work properly on 10.5. Sorry. :)
12:16 Changeset [486] by steile
Some minor updates for changes in Take2.


15:57 Ticket #118 (Flashing Window importing files) created by anonymous
when importing files the screen starts flashing and i have to select for …
08:44 Ticket #116 (Overriding Metadata fails) closed by gbooker
worksforme: In the same directory as the file, so in that directory, there is a: 12 …
08:39 Ticket #117 (TV Specials dont show) closed by gbooker
invalid: I really tire of these tickets. Read the …
07:25 Ticket #117 (TV Specials dont show) created by anonymous
i listed the TV specials based on TVRage.com.....for example: Married …
03:43 Ticket #116 (Overriding Metadata fails) created by anonymous
I created a xml file in word, and named it exactly the same as the movie …


11:38 Ticket #95 (Screen recycles when asking to confirm first movie file upon populate data) closed by pmerrill
fixed: This seems to happen on ATV 1.0s - Rev 480 fixes this issue.
05:26 Ticket #115 (mpg files wont play video, and can crash front row on leopard) created by matt
i have many different file types...all of which work fine in QT and VLC …


09:05 Ticket #114 (5.1 audio / AC3 passthru) closed by gbooker
invalid: Look in the settings; it's been there for months now.
02:42 Ticket #114 (5.1 audio / AC3 passthru) created by anonymous
can sapphire do ac3 passthru, which would be great because the amp. would …


20:15 Changeset [485] by gbooker
Just some more screwing around with this thing
17:25 Ticket #84 (Import All Data - Front Row on G4 - 10.5.1 - Hangs) closed by gbooker
fixed: OK, considering this closed then. Not sure what we changed either, but it …
17:20 Changeset [484] by gbooker
Bring the sorting of specials into the virtual directories as well.
17:07 Changeset [483] by gbooker
Sort episode specials by air date
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