22:35 Changeset [577] by gbooker
Made the object model just a bit pretier
22:23 Changeset [576] by gbooker
Split off the tasks of the entity directory to two pieces, one for files, …
20:10 Changeset [575] by gbooker
Several optimizations, fixes, etc... This is getting usable, but I'm still …
18:13 Changeset [574] by gbooker
Reverted [567] since it breaks virtual directories
17:37 Changeset [573] by gbooker
Some accellerations
14:42 Changeset [572] by gbooker
Some spinner stuff added; now this works in leopard; not yet tested in …
12:13 Changeset [571] by gbooker
Put back the progress indicator, even though it does nothing ATM
12:10 Changeset [570] by gbooker
Upgrading metadata isn't done when finder starts anymore


23:52 Changeset [569] by gbooker
Forgot that xml can override movie data; fixed
23:28 Changeset [568] by gbooker
Reduce memory footprint; tell CD to free up unused memory for a dir when …
22:45 Changeset [567] by gbooker
This method of fetch is more efficient; for some reason I didn't have it …
22:44 Changeset [566] by gbooker
Corrected for release build as well
22:42 Changeset [565] by gbooker
Skip entities with no files
22:41 Changeset [564] by gbooker
Don't import the file that's gone
22:40 Changeset [563] by gbooker
Corrected predicate on links
22:38 Changeset [562] by gbooker
Moved the saving and restoring of the selection to the reload, since the …
22:36 Changeset [561] by gbooker
Forgot to add this file
18:26 Changeset [560] by gbooker
Byebye SapphireFile? (protocol); we no longer need you *sniff*


22:15 Changeset [559] by gbooker
Improved the browser's cache mechanism Previews should now always match …
21:56 Changeset [558] by gbooker
Background importer is now working. Leopard file system events watcher is …


16:11 Changeset [557] by gbooker
Numerous fixes. Importing now works; background importer is horribly …


13:54 Changeset [556] by gbooker
Don't need these anymore
13:02 Changeset [555] by gbooker
Some documentation


11:05 Changeset [554] by gbooker
Importing should work now, but not tested


18:59 Changeset [553] by gbooker
Movies virtual dir is up and runnin
16:19 Changeset [552] by gbooker
Made the CategoryListDirectory? a bit more general


21:33 Changeset [551] by gbooker
TV Virtual directory is now working; movies is next.
18:22 Changeset [550] by gbooker
Use defines instead of string contants; more robust to typos
18:22 Changeset [549] by gbooker
Added file headers
18:21 Changeset [548] by gbooker
Handle the plot for movies (untested) Refs #177
16:11 Ticket #177 (plot descriptions in Sapphire) created by donglobal@…
I have Sapphire installed on a Apple TV, and I have been trying to import …
15:35 Changeset [547] by gbooker
Move the cover art files to where they should be
15:20 Changeset [546] by gbooker
Fixed a minor bug in the mark menu
15:16 Changeset [545] by gbooker
Various little fixes, mostly with metadata preview. Files are mostly …
00:01 Ticket #176 (Feature REQ: Manual Sort Order in Metadata XML Override) created by anonymous
I have a running series of 10 movies in my library, Star Trek 1-10. …


19:47 Changeset [544] by gbooker
Now builds without warnings or errors
14:25 Ticket #175 (6.1 hangs during import) created by sardion
AppleTV v1.1 Sapphire b6.1 The importers (all data, tv, movie) all hang. …


22:29 Changeset [543] by gbooker
Arg, forgot the biggest one
22:29 Changeset [542] by gbooker
Deleted some classes which are not going to be used again (remaining …
22:28 Changeset [541] by gbooker
Moved a bunch of files around
22:11 Changeset [540] by gbooker
A big massive commit of the initial stuff for core data backend (doesn't …
21:53 Changeset [539] by gbooker
Added coredata branch


21:12 Changeset [538] by gbooker
Rearranged targets
21:10 Changeset [537] by gbooker
Fixed a few bugs
21:00 Changeset [536] by gbooker
Added autoinstaller maker (requires installation of makeself)


07:57 Ticket #174 (mkv support) closed by gbooker
invalid: If you had read the manual.... http://appletv.nanopi.net/manual/advanced/
02:10 Ticket #174 (mkv support) created by anonymous
All mkv files are jerky or freeze. They all play fine in VLC.


07:50 Ticket #173 (ac3 distortion) closed by gbooker
invalid: Your decoder doesn't support all methods of AC3 passthrough. This is not …


22:47 Ticket #173 (ac3 distortion) created by MichaelLAX
I just tried using Sapphire to decode AVI/MKV files that have AC3 on my …


17:12 Ticket #172 (sapphire b6 & b6.1: Freeze followed by Front Row crash when run as ...) created by srcshelton@…
I have a Mac Mini (2,1) with two users: my Admin user, and then a 'Media …
15:19 Ticket #171 (patch for SapphireVideoTsParser - added size calculation) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [535]) Calculation of totalsize from wazza Fixes #171
15:19 Changeset [535] by gbooker
Calculation of totalsize from wazza Fixes #171
12:12 Ticket #170 (Initial import not working) closed by gbooker
invalid: Didn't follow instructions; ignoring.
01:29 Ticket #171 (patch for SapphireVideoTsParser - added size calculation) created by wazza
Added size calculation similar to #145, it makes more sense to keep it …


21:21 Ticket #170 (Initial import not working) created by prospero70@…
This seems like it would be a really great plugin, but so far it's not …
15:49 Ticket #169 (Visual indicator showing when watched items are hidden) closed by gbooker
invalid: Already there, the gem at the top: …
15:13 Ticket #169 (Visual indicator showing when watched items are hidden) created by Wilson Miner
There should be a visual indicator in the interface showing the state of …
14:00 Changeset [534] by pmerrill
* Version it
13:09 Changeset [533] by gbooker
Remove " | add synopsis" from plot


06:13 Ticket #168 (Optional movie details in chooser) created by anonymous
For most films it is fairly obvious from the chooser which one to select, …


11:21 Changeset [532] by gbooker
Change more to "full summary" Refs #166
04:50 Ticket #167 (Joining files does not seem to work when files are located on a SMB share) created by Ben
Hi It seems like the join function does not work on smb shares. (Or maybe …


17:47 Ticket #166 (Beta 6 no longer imports IMDB movie plot) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [531]) IMDB changed the name of the plot header. Fixes #166
17:47 Changeset [531] by gbooker
IMDB changed the name of the plot header. Fixes #166
17:46 Changeset [530] by gbooker
Some exception logging if needed
13:54 Ticket #165 (Meta data for ripped DVDs in VIDEO_TS folder) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [529]) Added Video_TS parsing from patch from Warren Gavin Fixes #165
13:54 Changeset [529] by gbooker
Added Video_TS parsing from patch from Warren Gavin Fixes #165
13:23 Ticket #166 (Beta 6 no longer imports IMDB movie plot) created by skyy99_1111@…
I'm running on Leopard 10.5.2 with b6. b5 imported movies correctly and …
12:01 Ticket #165 (Meta data for ripped DVDs in VIDEO_TS folder) created by wazza
Video, audio and duration information are available for files of type .mov …


13:45 Ticket #164 (ImportHelper freezing, causing choppy video playback) created by jon
Fairly frequently I notice that video playback is really choppy -- the …


17:43 Changeset [528] by gbooker
Seems IMDB changed the seperator characters for genres, so fixed here as …
16:44 Changeset [527] by gbooker
Switched to getting the screenshot url out of the ep list. This is far …
16:42 Changeset [526] by gbooker
Moved the on-demand import back before the browser looks at the metadata
16:41 Changeset [525] by gbooker
Switched the timer to a once fire, then die. This is easier to manage in …
12:03 Ticket #163 (Beta 6 freezes in ATV Take2 2.0.1) created by anonymous
I installed Sapphire Beta 6 tonight in to my take2 2.0.1 Sapphire I had …
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