08:10 Changeset [801] by gbooker
Added mechanism for another process to send changes to the primary holder …


20:17 Changeset [800] by gbooker
Added options to the metadata store, and the helper now uses it read-only.
14:08 Changeset [799] by gbooker
Whitespace correction


16:09 Changeset [798] by gbooker
Corrected the import by mask for directories.
16:07 Changeset [797] by gbooker
IMDB changed their site a bit; corrected
13:20 Changeset [796] by gbooker
Marking as skip should not make it a manual collection.
12:21 Ticket #73 (Need a way to autoaccept first choice for all in a scan) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [795]) Added autoselection ability. Fixes #73
12:21 Changeset [795] by gbooker
Added autoselection ability. Fixes #73
12:20 Changeset [794] by gbooker
Resolve symlinks in mountpoints.


17:45 BadContent edited by gbooker


19:11 Changeset [793] by gbooker
Fixed a special case where an XML override of the ep number should also …


16:55 Ticket #272 (Fetching Poster Stalls Out when using 'Import All Data' Feature) closed by gbooker


23:20 Ticket #274 (Joining Movies Doesn't Work) created by fugaze@…
Joining movies just plain out doesn't work.. I've tried clicking join, …
23:19 Ticket #273 (No Poser Art for TV Show Folders) created by fugaze@…
For some reason there is no poster art downloaded for the Folders that my …
23:16 Ticket #272 (Fetching Poster Stalls Out when using 'Import All Data' Feature) created by fugaze@…
When using the 'Import All Data' feature from the home menu, it always …
08:49 Ticket #262 (TV Shows virtual directory emtpy in b6.5) closed by gbooker
invalid: No reply; closing.


23:55 Ticket #271 (Sapphire Drops All Metadata for External USB Hard Disk when you exit Front ...) created by anonymous
My setup is - Mac Mini running Leopard and Front Row, and sapphire 6.5. …


18:15 Changeset [792] by gbooker
Catch Exceptions surrounding this function which is executed on main …
18:15 Changeset [791] by gbooker
Made a rename to pretty name function. Could be useful.
08:10 BadContent edited by gbooker
No promoting blogs (diff)


11:12 Ticket #270 (Add Sub-Menus in Main Screen on the right) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #259
10:32 Ticket #270 (Add Sub-Menus in Main Screen on the right) created by curtispenner
Sapphire really use a UI improvement on the main screen. With Apple's …


22:58 Ticket #259 (Move TV Shows and Movies to top level menu) closed by gbooker
fixed: Done in code long ago
22:12 Changeset [790] by gbooker
Ensure that the arguments for the invocations are retained so they don't …
22:10 Changeset [789] by gbooker
Removed double free
20:34 Ticket #269 ([Feature Request] Auto-Organize Media) created by p.witty@…
Think of the iTunes feature: "Keep my media library organized". It would …
19:14 Changeset [788] by gbooker
Memory leak fixes
19:12 Changeset [787] by gbooker
Memory leak fix in error conditions


20:44 Changeset [786] by gbooker
Make sure helper runs everything in main thread since CD hates using the …
20:43 Changeset [785] by gbooker
Enable logging for the helper
20:41 Changeset [784] by gbooker
Use threads for moving files between dirs as it may cross filesystems and …
20:17 Changeset [783] by gbooker
Don't allow rename of virtual directories.
14:10 Changeset [782] by gbooker
Ensure that these are executed on the main thread, especially since they …
14:09 Changeset [781] by gbooker
Added some error checking and display
14:09 Changeset [780] by gbooker
Some extra logging
11:56 Changeset [779] by gbooker
Work around a bug in QTKit, one that's fixed anywhere.


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21:48 Ticket #268 (Move secondary files) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [778]) Move secondary files along with a file Fixes #268
21:48 Changeset [778] by gbooker
Move secondary files along with a file Fixes #268
21:47 Changeset [777] by gbooker
Add a short wait; ensures the wait display is actually displayed.


16:59 Changeset [776] by gbooker
Much more efficient pruning system.


22:31 Changeset [775] by gbooker
Corrected detection of partially watched files
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