17:32 Changeset [865] by gbooker
Made the confirm prompt include a cancel which is the default. Refs #289
17:30 Changeset [864] by gbooker
Prevent returning a non-retained value from a new function on older ATVs
13:15 Ticket #288 (Sapphire Intolerably slow on AppleTV) closed by gbooker
invalid: You claim that Sapphire is slowing down the intro video, but not of …
11:12 Ticket #289 (Recoverable file delete) created by wazza
It would be nice if file deletion used the Trash instead of removing files …
07:05 Ticket #288 (Sapphire Intolerably slow on AppleTV) created by awmt102
Hi, I have found that installing Sapphire makes the whole AppleTV slow …


20:24 Changeset [863] by gbooker
Print out error for a movie import
20:22 Changeset [862] by gbooker
Don't import movies with no title (and thus cause validation errors)


14:29 Changeset [861] by gbooker
Put in a better name for the mark menu since the virtual dirs use a path …
14:28 Changeset [860] by gbooker
Put this default back so users don't ask why the poster chooser has …


21:06 Changeset [859] by pmerrill
Minor changes to Settings Descriptions, default the Poster Chooser to …
20:52 Changeset [858] by pmerrill
Allow for pllists to be upgraded individually (missed two other changes)
20:51 Changeset [857] by pmerrill
Allow for pllists to be upgraded individually


12:06 Changeset [856] by gbooker
Another schema idea
10:22 Changeset [855] by gbooker
More ideas for next schema


21:30 Changeset [854] by gbooker
Clean up the mark descriptions a bit


21:51 Changeset [853] by steile
Ensure we have a remote event, and not a gesture event (from iPhone …
14:41 Changeset [852] by steile
Add a flag for ATV 2.4 and support BRThemeInfo update of …


20:45 Changeset [851] by gbooker
Some additional ideas
20:38 Changeset [850] by gbooker
Anon reporting now correctly identifies ATV Take 2


21:48 Changeset [849] by gbooker
Added back the cover art for the virtual directories that has been long …
21:46 Changeset [848] by gbooker
Added list of changes to do on next schema change
21:45 Changeset [847] by gbooker
Updated the debug to new creation of moc
21:43 Changeset [846] by gbooker
Since renaming seems to be so stubborn about dying in a place we cannot …
21:43 Changeset [845] by gbooker
Add in some sort override abilities for movies to be inserted in next …


19:40 Changeset [844] by gbooker
Added metadata display for second video and audio sources. Useful for …
19:38 Changeset [843] by gbooker
Added options back to creation of moc to make sure that the helper opens …
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