19:26 Changeset [1200] by gbooker
leak fix.
17:30 Changeset [1199] by gbooker
Log exceptions that could be thrown as a result of url load completion.
17:27 Ticket #358 (1.0b7.8.1 Import crashes consistently) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [1198]) Make sure the data is not nil before replacing it in an array. …
17:27 Changeset [1198] by gbooker
Make sure the data is not nil before replacing it in an array. Fixes #358
17:20 Ticket #360 (Which revision in svn tags the 1.0b7.7 build?) closed by gbooker
14:10 Ticket #360 (Which revision in svn tags the 1.0b7.7 build?) created by skyy99_1111@…
I'd like to check out and revert back to 1.0b7.7 as 1.0b7.8.1 has too many …
14:08 Ticket #359 (1.0b7.8.1 DVD playback jumps straight to menu on first play) created by skyy99_1111@…
Prior to 1.0b7.8.1 the dvd playback respected the dvd pcg structure. Now …
13:59 Ticket #358 (1.0b7.8.1 Import crashes consistently) created by skyy99_1111@…
Running on Mac Mini, Leopard 10.5.8. Upgraded to 1.0b7.8.1 and FR crashes …


16:03 Changeset [1197] by gbooker
Added autorelease pools to reduce temporary memory usage and made sure …
16:02 Changeset [1196] by gbooker
Reorder cast director genre to genre, director, cast in movie directory.
15:25 Changeset [1195] by lechium
oops duplicate var
15:24 Changeset [1194] by lechium
hopefully make HAL dir properly if missing


14:25 Changeset [1193] by gbooker
Prevent the timer from being set again if the playback has stopped.
10:40 Changeset [1192] by gbooker
Updated Fresh localization
10:04 Changeset [1191] by gbooker
Version it
10:04 Changeset [1190] by gbooker
Forgot to commit the updated version check code


14:18 Changeset [1189] by gbooker
Added an API version key as well, so we can differentiate between minor …
14:18 Changeset [1188] by gbooker
Silence some warnings
12:39 Ticket #357 (Memory Leak When Browsing DVDs) closed by gbooker
invalid: These are Apple's fault, PERIOD. The only NSUndoManager in the entire …
10:32 Ticket #357 (Memory Leak When Browsing DVDs) created by jjxc90
When browsing DVD files through Collections, or running the import data …
07:40 Changeset [1187] by gbooker
Corrected some compile issue. While it's not functional, at least it …
07:39 Changeset [1186] by gbooker
Reverted some changes that didn't need to be in the project and a change …
07:23 Ticket #356 (Crash on import of meta data with Beta 7.8) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [1185]) Don't attempt an auto selection if there are no choices. Fixes …
07:23 Changeset [1185] by gbooker
Don't attempt an auto selection if there are no choices. Fixes #356
04:22 Changeset [1184] by lechium
Added some classes for downloading and updating the framework, they …


22:41 Changeset [1183] by gbooker
Version it
22:31 Changeset [1182] by lechium
version 2
22:27 Changeset [1181] by gbooker
Corrected video bounds computation and removed variable which caused the …
21:25 Ticket #356 (Crash on import of meta data with Beta 7.8) created by pd5rm
I attempted to "Import All Data" and plugin crashed backed to Finder …
18:01 Changeset [1180] by lechium
fixed script
17:31 Changeset [1179] by gbooker
Merged changes from the branch back to trunk
17:09 Changeset [1178] by gbooker
Hopefully this merge will make SVN happy
16:45 Changeset [1177] by gbooker
Merged trunk into branch.
09:57 Changeset [1176] by gbooker
Corrected path for import for video_ts directories.
09:45 Changeset [1175] by gbooker
Reduce instantaneous memory usage by not creating images until they are …
07:44 Changeset [1174] by gbooker
Removed errors/warnings for GCC
07:43 Changeset [1173] by gbooker
Record correct modification date for video_ts


19:49 Changeset [1172] by gbooker
Apply year parsing to translation lookup as well
19:40 Changeset [1171] by gbooker
Log errors as errors now that the false positives are down.
18:40 Changeset [1170] by gbooker
Corrected some issues with video_ts importing
17:43 Changeset [1169] by gbooker
Added ability to show initial errors and warnings.
14:49 Changeset [1168] by gbooker
Moved all the #defines to the top; made sure files are created when …
14:32 Changeset [1167] by gbooker
Some corrections to importer so that it saves data properly.


22:36 Changeset [1166] by gbooker
Added Zoom, and it's overlay along with some simpler methods for …
16:51 Ticket #283 (Path extensions & ripped DVDs) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [1165]) Better handle files without extensions and preserve the lookup …
16:51 Changeset [1165] by gbooker
Better handle files without extensions and preserve the lookup name …
16:49 Changeset [1164] by gbooker
Force framework copy in debug builds.
16:48 Changeset [1163] by gbooker
Made DVD Player stop if it's not playing for 5 minutes.
16:46 Changeset [1162] by gbooker
Added ability to force a framework copy through a define.
14:45 Changeset [1161] by gbooker
Script to place AC3PassthroughDevice.plugin into the framework if present …
14:27 Changeset [1160] by gbooker
Added code to install passthrough component


09:23 Changeset [1159] by gbooker
Revert r1153 since this dictionary is something entirely different
07:22 Changeset [1158] by lechium
recompiled newer dvdbackup, originally when i compiled 1.4.1 libdvdcss was …
07:21 Changeset [1157] by lechium
removed old replacement dvdbackup
02:57 Changeset [1156] by lechium
added older build of dvdbackup that seems to work better
02:56 Changeset [1155] by lechium
removed newer build of dvdbackup, seems to have problems


21:16 Changeset [1154] by gbooker
checking the value will return 0 even if the object is nil. We want this …


23:31 Changeset [1153] by lechium
feed preferences into the dvdplayercontroller


21:07 Changeset [1152] by gbooker
Added ability to create the frameworks directory and correct its …
21:07 Changeset [1151] by gbooker
Moved the setting of the SPDIF device to initiate playback since this is …
20:32 Changeset [1150] by gbooker
Added setting to enable passthrough device based on user's settings
20:31 Changeset [1149] by gbooker
Added passthrough device key
20:31 Changeset [1148] by gbooker
Added a version call; may have a use in the future.
08:34 Changeset [1147] by gbooker
Passthrough component can now set sample rate on its own.


21:54 Changeset [1146] by gbooker
Merged changes from trunk
18:59 Changeset [1145] by gbooker
With framework loading code in place, now use it instead.
18:59 Changeset [1144] by gbooker
Added framework loader (and copying) code
16:32 Changeset [1143] by gbooker
Warning removals and corrections from analyzer
16:12 Changeset [1142] by gbooker
Made playhead smaller to be more consistent with Apple's, made blue color …
12:28 Changeset [1141] by gbooker
Corrected some import scrapers (last incorrectly worked around unescaped …


10:24 Changeset [1140] by gbooker
Slightly better overlay system now doesn't close overlays just to re-open …
10:21 Changeset [1139] by gbooker
If we have a partial import, don't mark as completed. This applies with …
10:15 Changeset [1138] by gbooker
Merged changes from trunk


23:50 Changeset [1137] by lechium
fixed some header commenting
23:17 Changeset [1136] by lechium
added latest dvdbackup binary, added DVDImport class, register in the …
22:08 Changeset [1135] by lechium
Added two + methods for verifying if a dvd is a volume (actual mounted …
20:16 Ticket #355 (Using <searchIMDB> and <title> finds wrong movie) closed by gbooker
fixed: I cannot reproduce this, although I'm running trunk. Seems to be fixed …
20:13 Changeset [1134] by gbooker
More error checking and sanity checks
20:13 Changeset [1133] by gbooker
This is the commit that actually fixes "Corrected case where raw & are in …
20:11 Changeset [1132] by gbooker
Corrected case where raw & are in the HTML by someone who doesn't …
18:50 Changeset [1131] by gbooker
TVRage seems to have added a <br> before and after the plot descriptions
18:36 Changeset [1130] by gbooker
IMDB uses 8 number IDs. Corrected just in case it's an issue
18:35 Changeset [1129] by gbooker
Corrected stupid mistake where I overrode a local variable with another of …
15:56 Ticket #355 (Using <searchIMDB> and <title> finds wrong movie) created by HtheG
Using Snow Leopard, no crash, no log file. I have the movie file and its …


15:55 Changeset [1128] by lechium
removed perspectivev3
15:54 Changeset [1127] by gbooker
Delete a user pref file
08:18 Changeset [1126] by gbooker
Pixel width and height are integers, so enforce that.
08:04 Changeset [1125] by gbooker
All views are now relative sizes. This should work better with different …
08:04 Changeset [1124] by gbooker
If super cannot play, be sure to return NO
08:03 Changeset [1123] by gbooker
Warning removals
01:30 Changeset [1122] by lechium
moved the code for isavail to be called from CMPISODVDPlayer loadMedia, …


23:43 Changeset [1121] by lechium
Added kextstat binary, added check in the CMPDVDImageAction for mount_udf …
22:58 Changeset [1120] by gbooker
Since we capture the screen image just to blur it, why not capture a lower …
16:00 Changeset [1119] by gbooker
Added Common Media Player framework support and use it for DVD playback
15:43 Changeset [1118] by gbooker
Faster blur and make sure the menu item is drawn
15:42 Changeset [1117] by gbooker
Mute after play seems to not be ignored
15:12 Changeset [1116] by gbooker
The ISO player plays dvd images, not video_ts directories
14:27 Changeset [1115] by gbooker
Forgot to remove the debugging step of exporting the image
14:16 Changeset [1114] by gbooker
Make the image mount more general by not needing a particular player …
13:57 Changeset [1113] by gbooker
Ignore .perspectivev3 files since they are per-user prefs
13:52 Changeset [1112] by gbooker
Memory leak plugged
13:48 Changeset [1111] by gbooker
Cleaned up some of my previous mistakes
13:48 Changeset [1110] by gbooker
Removed a lot of unnecessary imports
13:42 Changeset [1109] by lechium
my perspective xcode file, to hopefully prevent conflicts
13:39 Changeset [1108] by lechium
added files
09:03 Changeset [1107] by gbooker
Added registration system in player manager to simplify the process.
09:03 Changeset [1106] by gbooker
Commented out code that doesn't do anything
07:55 Changeset [1105] by gbooker
There's no need to replicate functionality of the super class, but instead …
04:41 Changeset [1104] by lechium
added kBREventRemoteActionPlayNew which corresponds to the play/pause …
04:26 Changeset [1103] by lechium
Added ISO action, and player, it loads but crashes shortly thereafter, …


21:32 Changeset [1102] by gbooker
Position info only really applies to text overlays; others have specific …
21:31 Changeset [1101] by gbooker
Fix muted audio on Leopard (and removed code that's never used)
19:06 Changeset [1100] by gbooker
Force suppression of overlays in menus; slightly better way.
18:59 Changeset [1099] by lechium
Fixed overlay on menus
16:50 Changeset [1098] by gbooker
Better to put the close of overlays in the window creation action
16:49 Changeset [1097] by gbooker
Close all overlays when controller is popped
16:05 Changeset [1096] by lechium
Updated for gesture support through 3.0.2
15:26 Changeset [1095] by gbooker
Added media player framework
08:25 Changeset [1094] by gbooker
Created PlayerFramework? branch


11:08 Changeset [1093] by gbooker
Corrected cases where some MPAA ratings were not imported
10:45 Changeset [1092] by gbooker
Added setting to temporarily (all previews for the next 5 sec) display …
10:00 Changeset [1091] by gbooker
More efficient method of fetching ordered cast/genre objects
08:31 Changeset [1090] by gbooker
Corrected import helper to correctly work with background importers
08:31 Changeset [1089] by gbooker
Corrected case where if a background importer completed and the resumed …


22:22 Ticket #354 (will not import Top 250 imdb info) closed by gbooker
fixed: Trunk works fine
18:47 Ticket #354 (will not import Top 250 imdb info) created by thedish
Recently I've noticed that new imports fail to load Top 250 info from …
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