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  • Sapphire Installation Instructions (1.0b3.1)

    Posted on July 23rd, 2007 ucijoker No comments
    • If you haven’t already patched your AppleTV consider using AwkwardTV’s Patchstick.
    • Download the Sapphire Plug-in Here or through AwkwardTV’s ATVLoader.
    • Unzip and place the Sapphire.frappliance folder inside the directory: /System/Library/CoreServices/ (on your Apple TV’s OSBoot partition).
    • Restart your Apple TV (restart Finder)
    • Access the Sapphire main menu using your Apple TV.
    • Go to the Settings Menu and select Populate Show Data. This import tool will go through your /frontrow/Movies/ directory collecting file information (size, duration, audio & video format) used when browsing through Sapphire. ATVFiles XML files will also be imported with this tool.
    • Be patient. The import tool can take a considerable amount of time depending on how many files are in your collection. During testing, a fresh import on ~1 Tera byte worth of TV Shows took about 5 minutes. The import might be slower if you are using the airport (wireless connection).
    • Once the import has finished, you might want to tag the files you have already watched, or tag your favorite files. The best way to do this is to select Browse Shows from the main menu. Once you have found a directory or file you wish to “Mark as Favorite” or “Mark as Watched”, use the right arrow to toggle to the Mark mode. Select the file/directory and mark appropriately. To toggle back into “Select” mode hit the left arrow.
    • If you would like to fetch TV Episode information for your media collection, this would be a good time to run it. Sapphire fetches episode information from TVRage. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select Fetch TV Data. While this tool is running it will ask you to select from a list of TV show titles to match the current file being processed. See the Sapphire File Formats if your files aren’t successfully being imported.
    • Enjoy your fully personalized Unwatched and Favorite Shows menus packed full of Episode information!

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