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  • Sapphire Beta 7 – CoreData Preview 6

    Posted on August 1st, 2009 ucijoker No comments

    After much work, we are pleased to announce a preview of the next version of Sapphire.  We reorganized the entire database inside Sapphire to be both faster and more reliable.  Since this preview is considered to be incomplete and not fully tested, we recommend only users who are comfortable with reading log files and following bug report guidelines attempt to run it. We would appreciate detailed reports of any issues one manages to track down.

    This version will not overwrite your existing database, but rather create a new one and import your existing data into it. However, this new database will be used in all future versions, so if you decide to go back to 6.5, you will need to delete Library/Application Support/Sapphire/metaData.sapphireDataV2 before going back to 7. Data from the old database is only imported if the new database file does not exist, so any changes made in 6.5 after trying 7 will be lost when you upgrade to the final version.

    Download Sapphire Preview 6 or Sapphire Preview 6

    This version has the following changes since Beta 7 Preview 5:

    • Disabled the pruning step in the import in favor of auto-pruning
    • Present an error when attempting to playback a DVD on the ATV rather than crashing. This fixes #312

    This version is the first to be built on Snow Leopard, so it may have some new issues that we haven’t detected yet. It has the following changes since Beta 7 Preview 4:

    • Naming a non-episodic TV episode now accepts a lower case S in the episode number.
    • The preview pane now displays the amount of time remaining for partially watched files
    • The audio and video data displayed in the preview pane only display unique tracks and subtitle tracks are displayed after the video
    • A few memory leaks were fixed
    • Fixed a format string vulnerability, which could result in a crash or worse
    • Use a better mechanism for checking to see if an internal object is deleted when browsing directories, especially virtual directories. This fixes #308
    • Brought back audio playback again
    • Fixed a strange CoreData exception which can sometimes cause the Movies directory to be empty
    • Update the preview pane if metadata changes on a file.

    This version has the following changes since Beta 7 Preview 3:

    • Added translation ability to Main Menu items. This fixes #302
    • Reload posters in poster chooser upon download completion. This fixes #305
    • Added translation ability to metadata display, including updates to French translations (other languages need someone who can translate for their updates). This fixes #304
    • Compatibility classes loader can now detect a later version of its classes and load newer one

    This version has the following changes since Beta 7 Preview 2:

    • Detect when the Movies directory is really a symlink. This fixes #295
    • Modified some of the Xpaths uses on importers since their behavior seems to have changed in the underlying libraries. This fixes #299
    • Added French, German, Italian, and Spanish translations
    • Added support for the iPhone’s remote app gestures under 2.4 (This needs further testing)

    Changes since Beta 7 Preview 1:

    • IMDB sorting is now corrected. This fixes #293
    • File scan doesn’t run if no collections are importable
    • Importer scans all collections which aren’t skipped instead of all collections which aren’t hidden. This fixes #292
    • Movies with AC3 tracks do not disable the AC3 track even if other tracks are enabled. This previous action was breaking AC3 passthrough in some cases. This fixes #294
    • The UI Quit menu option is now back in the top menu. This fixes #296

    Changes since 6.5:

    • The secondary audio/video sources of a file will now be displayed in the media preview pane
    • DTS audio sources can now take advantage of passthrough
    • Sapphire will now automatically generate screen caps when running in Front Row (OSX)
    • A couple of subtitle extensions were missing – they have been added (.ASS & .SSA)
    • The settings and mark menus have been restructured – hopefully to make them easier to understand
    • Sapphire will no longer mark DVDs as collections
    • Playback on MKV files with more than one audio track will now only use the first one enabled.
    • PreviewPane for movies will no longer attempt to shorten a cast if it’s already short. This fixes #278
    • Imports will now use the XML tag <searchIMDB> when supplied to help find movies on IMDB. This resolves #74
    • Importing movies with unique titles should work again
    • Added the ability to rename files using a ‘pretty name’.
    • Partially watched files now have an unique gem (half red/blue)
    • Added ability to delete files/directories
    • Joining files will now preserve the favorite/watched status
    • Added ability to move files/directories around in file system and retain metadata in the process
    • Added ability to rename directories as well as files
    • Movie Import will now skip IMDB titles classified as “TV Series” titles but not “TV Movies”. This fixes #235
    • Files will now default to display duration instead of file size on menus.
    • Sapphire will now attempt to use symlink path names instead the target path names in importers.  This fixes #211
    • You can now access the mark menu items for main menu collections
    • You can now rename collections see #264 #254 #252
    • TV Episodes without an episode number (Specials) will now be sorted by Air Date
    • Fixed an issue where Sapphire wasn’t setting items as watched when video playback was stopped on ATV 2.3

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