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  • Collection Art

    Physical Directories

    Sapphire will search for cover art for each directory.  It will first search that directory for a cover.ext (where ext could be jpg, tif, png, or gif).  If it finds that file, it is used as the directory’s cover art.  It also searches the directory named “Cover Art” within that directory and does the same search in it’s two parent directories.

    Virtual Directories

    Once you have ran the TV Show and Movie importers (or used “Import All Data”) you will be able to find a directory called “Collection Art” inside “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/” folder. This is where all of your cover art will be stored. Inside these folders is where you will want to place your cover art (cover.ext) images for your TV Shows (where ext could be jpg, tif, png, or gif).

    Inside the Collection Art folder you will find the following directory structure:

    /Collection Art/

    • @MOVIES
      • movie posters (imdbnumber.ext).
    • @TV
      • Show Name
        • Season #
          • episode art (Episode #.ext)
          • or if the episode doesn’t have a number:

          • episode art (Episode Name.ext)
    • If you want a an image to display for all seasons of a show you will place it inside the “Show Name” directory. For Example: “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/Pushing Daisies/cover.jpg”.
    • If you would like each season to have a unique image you would place each image inside the “Season #” directory. For Example: “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/Doctor Who (2005)/Season 1/cover.jpg”.

    If we had the following setup for a given TV Show:

    1. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/cover.ext”
    2. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/Season 1/cover.ext”
    3. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/Season 2/”
    4. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/Season 3/cover.ext”
    5. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/Season4/cover.ext”
    6. “/Collection Art/@TV/Show Name/Season 5/
    • The Show Name Virtual Directory would display the image at path (1).
    • Seasons 2 and 5 would also display the image at path (1).
    • Season 1 would display the image at path (2).
    • Season 3 would display the image at path (4).
    • Season 4 would display the image at path (5).