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#1 Marking Shows as watched creates new seperator lines Defect normal Browser
#2 Awesome Plugin: Feature Request: Make it work with movies using the IMDB Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#3 Can't seem to access shows on a share Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#4 Freeze when scanning meta data Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#5 Formatting in description can lead to missing text on TV data import Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#6 Support for M4V suffix Defect normal Browser
#7 No TV Rage Data for ReGenesis Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#8 XML-data used in TVRage-fetch Enhancement normal Metadata - TV Show
#9 Can't see m4v files Defect normal Browser
#11 Individual XML Metadate files Defect normal Other
#12 some enhancements for an awsome plugin pmerrill Enhancement normal Browser
#15 Tagging folders / files for exclusion Enhancement normal Browser
#16 Do you plan on supporting playback of VOB files Defect normal Playback
#17 No picture or sound on play back` Defect normal Playback
#19 Sapphire: selecting Menu during a program causes ATV to reboot Defect normal Other
#20 flip4mac Defect normal Playback
#21 Files won't play from share mounted in /Movies Defect normal Playback
#22 Black Screen .... nioTV works fine ... no picture or sound in Sapphire Defect normal Other
#23 Black screen .... nioTV works fine ... no picture or sound in Sapphire Defect normal Playback
#24 Crash occurs when adding files Defect normal Leopard
#25 Front Row Crashes when running 'Import all Data' Defect normal Beta 5 Other
#26 sapphire crashes when trying to process a movie with foriegn alphabet title Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#27 It's checking 33,000 files that it doesn't need to. Comment normal Leopard
#28 Sapphire menue only contains UNWATCHED files Defect normal Browser
#29 ac3 passthrough is not working well on Leopard Defect normal Leopard
#30 can't find the movie blow Comment normal Metadata - Movie
#31 Import crashes when updating after moving or removing previously imported files (AppleTV) Defect normal Beta 5 Other
#32 The import function does not support Danish æ, ø and å Defect normal Other
#33 Doesn't import MythBusters episodes past S05E13 Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#34 Sapphire hides viewed episodes Defect normal Other
#36 Support of Ripped VIDEO_TS DVDs Enhancement normal Other
#37 repeated crashes while Importing All Data Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#38 Virtual Folders take a long time to load Comment normal Browser
#39 Ask for meta data at the end of the process Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#40 fetching data or import all not doing anything (leopard) Defect normal Beta 5 Leopard
#42 disable little saphire Graphics Defect normal Browser
#43 Movies Virtual Directory Enhancement normal Other
#44 crash constantly while scanning robot chicken tv show Defect normal Other
#45 Screen Grabs - 2 points Enhancement normal Cover Art
#46 Help the Community that helped you. Comment normal Other
#47 Browsing certain folder crashes Finder, everytime. 4.2 Defect normal Beta 5 Other
#48 Fetch Movie data stuck on intializing.... Defect normal Other
#49 Can't import at all Defect normal Other
#50 Reset crashes front row Defect normal Leopard
#51 Support for DVD rips (now supported in FR) Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#52 Identifying movies with a XML file Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#53 Plug-in fails to install b4.2 using awkward tv Defect normal Other
#56 Sapphire Browser has become unstable Defect normal Browser
#57 Sapphire with External Hard Drive? Defect normal Browser
#58 No more AC3-Sound Comment normal Playback
#59 Flag files to open quicktime or dvd player apps depending on file type Defect normal Playback
#60 Installed Sapphire in Mini mac with 0sx 10.5 and front row, dut bit doesn't work Defect normal Other
#61 Crash during All Import Defect normal Other
#62 movie files naming convention Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#63 Work on Folder Aliases for Folders Storing DVD Images (VIDEO_TS Folder) Enhancement normal Playback
#64 Sapphire crashes on import and entering movies directory Defect normal Other
#65 Ignore Time Machine drives Enhancement normal Other
#66 Option to delete file from file menu you get when pressing right arrow on a file Enhancement normal Browser
#67 Sapphire needs better recognition of movies by file name Defect normal Other
#68 Automatic Updates of Metadata Enhancement normal Other
#69 Files disappear from the Sapphire browser after being watched Defect normal Browser
#70 Download links broken Defect normal Other
#71 If Your Movie folder is a link or alias then Sapphire will not work Defect normal Other
#72 Same Button for confirming an option and to stop a scan Enhancement normal Other
#73 Need a way to autoaccept first choice for all in a scan Enhancement normal Other
#74 Add ability to manually select IMDB number Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#75 Always freezes at the same point in Import All Data Defect normal Other
#76 Skip specific folders Enhancement normal Settings
#77 Keychain access dialog hidden behind FR Comment normal Other
#79 intalling sapphire on leopard Comment normal Leopard
#81 Problem with .srt file in movie folder.... Defect normal Playback
#82 poster Defect normal Metadata - Posters
#83 Crash on Importing data Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#84 Import All Data - Front Row on G4 - 10.5.1 - Hangs Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#86 Fails to retrieve meta-data for episode 0 Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#87 Ability to move database/support files Enhancement normal Settings
#88 Sapphire doesn't start on appletv Defect normal Other
#89 Sapphire TV with Leopard exiting when accessing a usb drive Defect normal Other
#91 Deleting or Adding Movies Causes Sapphire to Crash Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#93 b5 wouldn't run Defect normal Other
#94 DVD Playback doesn't seem to work Defect normal Playback
#95 Screen recycles when asking to confirm first movie file upon populate data Defect normal Other
#96 Green flickering box around movie when playing Defect normal Playback
#97 no VIDEOTS play in ATV Comment normal Playback
#98 Skipping doesn't skip everything Defect normal Leopard
#99 Metadata says nothing to update but its not even half way finished! Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#100 VIDEO_TS folders don't appear in Movies virtual dir Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#101 How do I delete watched shows Comment normal Other
#102 Metadata Override Fails for some files Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#103 Beta 5: When import all data is complete, crash FrontRow Defect normal Other
#104 Movie Chooser doesn't let me select a title Defect normal Other
#105 Export XML and Cover function Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#106 Movies with duplicate titles are hidden Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#107 Metadata override doesn't seem to work for VIDEO_TS entries. Comment normal Metadata - Movie
#108 View movies by year or even decade released... Enhancement normal Browser
#109 mpg files fail to play; skip directories doesn't Defect normal Other
#110 Sapphire Won't Start Defect normal Other
#111 Remember "watched" status by file basename, not whole path Enhancement normal Other
#112 Not importing tv show data Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#113 can't get installation to work on leopard Defect normal Leopard
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