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#16 Do you plan on supporting playback of VOB files Defect normal Playback
#17 No picture or sound on play back` Defect normal Playback
#20 flip4mac Defect normal Playback
#21 Files won't play from share mounted in /Movies Defect normal Playback
#22 Black Screen .... nioTV works fine ... no picture or sound in Sapphire Defect normal Other
#24 Crash occurs when adding files Defect normal Leopard
#28 Sapphire menue only contains UNWATCHED files Defect normal Browser
#29 ac3 passthrough is not working well on Leopard Defect normal Leopard
#30 can't find the movie blow Comment normal Metadata - Movie
#33 Doesn't import MythBusters episodes past S05E13 Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#34 Sapphire hides viewed episodes Defect normal Other
#36 Support of Ripped VIDEO_TS DVDs Enhancement normal Other
#40 fetching data or import all not doing anything (leopard) Defect normal Beta 5 Leopard
#49 Can't import at all Defect normal Other
#50 Reset crashes front row Defect normal Leopard
#53 Plug-in fails to install b4.2 using awkward tv Defect normal Other
#58 No more AC3-Sound Comment normal Playback
#60 Installed Sapphire in Mini mac with 0sx 10.5 and front row, dut bit doesn't work Defect normal Other
#61 Crash during All Import Defect normal Other
#65 Ignore Time Machine drives Enhancement normal Other
#69 Files disappear from the Sapphire browser after being watched Defect normal Browser
#72 Same Button for confirming an option and to stop a scan Enhancement normal Other
#81 Problem with .srt file in movie folder.... Defect normal Playback
#82 poster Defect normal Metadata - Posters
#86 Fails to retrieve meta-data for episode 0 Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#87 Ability to move database/support files Enhancement normal Settings
#96 Green flickering box around movie when playing Defect normal Playback
#114 5.1 audio / AC3 passthru Enhancement normal Other
#117 TV Specials dont show Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#129 Blackscreen in frontrow when SRT subtitle is active Defect normal Other
#133 Free movies download Defect normal Other
#134 Unwatched Virtual Directory Enhancement normal Other
#136 Choose folders to import from! Defect normal Other
#138 Front Row wont start after installing Sapphire beta 5, no suitable image found Defect normal Leopard
#141 Does not play h.264 .ts files in 1080i recorded from DVB-S2 channels Defect normal Other
#143 Installing Defect normal Other
#155 After installed Beta 6 on Apple TV 2.0 finder will not start Defect normal Other
#157 Follow folder aliases when searching / browsing Enhancement normal Metadata - Movie
#158 Import all data or Import TV data deleted the state of the shows/movies if they were previously marked as watched Defect normal Leopard
#160 Odd behavior with m4v files on AppleTV Defect normal Playback
#167 Joining files does not seem to work when files are located on a SMB share Comment normal Metadata - Movie
#169 Visual indicator showing when watched items are hidden Enhancement normal Browser
#170 Initial import not working Defect normal Other
#172 sapphire b6 & b6.1: Freeze followed by Front Row crash when run as Standard User Defect normal Other
#173 ac3 distortion Defect normal Other
#174 mkv support Defect normal Playback
#178 Importhelper killing CPU, causing huge slowdowns Defect normal Other
#180 Settings and movie metadata do not persist across launches. Defect normal Settings
#184 Watched movies disappear from the Movies Virtual Directory. Defect normal Other
#185 Removal of played shows Defect normal Settings
#186 Easy way to check Sapphire Version Number Enhancement normal Other
#187 Move to highest level menu Enhancement normal Other
#188 Joined .mov's play fine in FR but give poping/scrating sound in Sapphire. Defect normal Other
#189 No Poster for the Fellowship of the Ring. Defect normal Metadata - Posters
#193 joining files not working properly Defect normal Other
#205 Metadata/import info lost when NAS is shut off Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#217 Large database slowing down UI Defect normal Other
#219 Sapphire found a poster, but did not download it to /Application Support/... Defect normal Cover Art
#220 Import All Data hangs Defect normal Other
#223 Sapphire won't start in Front Row Defect normal Other
#225 AVI files are not playing after recent Itunes upgrade Defect normal Other
#236 Joining Files-how? Comment normal Metadata - Movie
#237 Interface flickers when scrolling if "Fast directory switching" is off Defect normal Browser
#245 FrontRow hangs Mac playing VIDEO_TS Defect normal Playback
#247 import fails Defect normal Other
#253 Cannot rescan Movies or TV Shows after renaming folders Defect normal Other
#255 .m4v movie files crash when I try to watch Defect normal Playback
#261 1.0B6.4 fails after OSX 10.5.6 update Defect normal Other
#262 TV Shows virtual directory emtpy in b6.5 Defect normal Metadata - TV Show
#263 Sapphire b6.5 not starting in 2.3 Defect normal Other
#271 Sapphire Drops All Metadata for External USB Hard Disk when you exit Front Row Defect normal Other
#272 Fetching Poster Stalls Out when using 'Import All Data' Feature Defect normal Metadata - Posters
#273 No Poser Art for TV Show Folders Defect normal Cover Art
#274 Joining Movies Doesn't Work Defect normal Other
#284 Front Row will not start Defect normal Leopard
#288 Sapphire Intolerably slow on AppleTV Defect normal Other
#298 Prompted to select Movie title for folder instead of enclosed movies Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#314 1.0b7.5 will not upgrade Metadata Defect normal Other
#319 1.0b7 later than P2 non-functional Defect normal Other
#320 1.0b7 later than P2 non-functional Defect normal Other
#321 Symlinks not working in Sapphire 1.0b7p6 on AppleTV 2.4 Defect normal Other
#322 Audio playback problem in Sapphire 1.0b7p6 on AppleTV 2.4 Defect normal Audio
#325 Feature Requests (using 1.0b7p6 on AppleTV) Enhancement normal Other
#326 Would like to show specific image for non-metadata directories Enhancement normal Cover Art
#337 spahhire IS running on Leopard Comment normal Leopard
#340 Sapphire renames all movies to title "Movies" Defect normal Other
#343 No AC3 passthrough for Itunes purchased movies on Apple TV Defect normal Playback
#344 wrong size calculated on joined movies Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#346 Cannot add or delete a collection Defect normal Settings
#348 Background Import Feature Doesn't Work Defect normal Metadata - Movie
#351 Build error - CVTimeStamp Comment normal Other
#352 Question about Sapphire and external storage Comment normal Playback
#353 Can Movie virtual directories have a cover art image like the TV ones Comment normal Cover Art
#357 Memory Leak When Browsing DVDs Defect normal Other
#359 1.0b7.8.1 DVD playback jumps straight to menu on first play Defect normal Playback
#361 Manual Install Causes Black Screen Defect normal Other
#362 Ability to follow symlinks to servers in movies folder as allowed in Front Row Enhancement normal Other
#363 Framework Error Comment normal Other
#366 nonstandard umask and .sh install breaks install Defect normal Other
#369 1.0b8.0.1 import crash Defect normal Other
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