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#10 Pausing during playback Playback Defect Sep 4, 2007

I get pausing and skipping during playback. I am playing from a network share. I have eliminated codec problems (plays fine from ATV Files and NitoTV). Also, sapphire plays the files fine when stored locally on the ATV. The same files play fine from ATV Files or NitoTV when played from the network. NitoTV does have chaching, don't know about ATV Files. The problem is not consistent at the same point in a file but it does not usually happen until 5-10 minutes into a file. The ATV is wired and the switch is a hp that support QOS and I have QOS enabled between the ATV and the computer hosting the share.

#41 Choose preferred Language for titles Metadata - Movie Enhancement Dec 14, 2007

i hate how all my foreign movies show up in the foreign title ... can't we specify that we want the english title for all listings, so that a foreign movie will show up as "The Host", instead of "Gwoemul"

or....maybe to allow better options for everyone, if imdb has multiple titles for an entry...give us the option to choose which title we want to use.

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