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Delete button, dummy choice for rare movies, regexp idea for movie naming convention

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Hello Sapphire Team!

What a great tool! Just have my Apple TV 4 days, but Sapphire and the patchstick made my day :)

I was trying 1st to find this in the manual and FAQs but no luck ... Hopefully I am not bothering you ...

Can you add a 'dummy' choice for rare movies besides 'this is not a movie' or plain wrong meta data from the list of options?

Look, I do have rare movies on my Apple TV, they are not in IMDB, yet they are supposed to be treated as real movies under Sapphire. Right, in an ideal world IMDB would always add those nice eye candies and information, but that's not the situation for me.

It would be just great, if there is a chance to keep these movies listed with a plain dummy picture by movies' name i.e. poster art stating: 'no poster' or similar.

Look, if I chose intentionally a wrong choice from IMDB to keep the movie as valid movie, I'm ending end up with rubbish substitute posters and wrong descriptions, a default dummy poster and the file name would be much better, cleaner, and more honest.

Choosing 'this is not a movie' does not help either, because then the movie is lost for Sapphire, and that's an akward situation because I still want to watch this movie.

It's currently a true catch 22 for me. Any advise how I can work around the issue?

In addition, can you add a regex for matching the real name portion of a movie file name?

I have movies like this:

Funny - Prinz von
Musik - Beatles, Help - English.divx

... guess you see the logic behind it ...

Action - Batman, The Beginning - German - 2of2.avi

Now, 'Action', 'German', and 2of2 are ways for me to remember the genre of the file, the language, and which part it is.

Could you add an import regex where, everything between (for example) brackets will be looked up at IMDB?

Action [Batman, The Beginning] German - 2of2.avi

Will only look for "Batman, The Beginning" and the rest of the meta text would be ignored.

In addition can you add one more choice to 'resume,play from beginning, delete file' option? When I am watching seaons, I'd love to delete parts right away I have finished watching them. An easy way to delete such a file under control of Sapphire would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,


PS.: Guys, Sapphire 1.0b5 is still a cool tool on Apple TV.

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