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Treat Movie filters the same as TV Show filters - on cursor right menu

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gbooker -

b7 is a great update. All the new features greatly enhance the usability on ATV. By moving the top level menu to the right side of the ATV main menu, and by making the individual episodes accessible in the menu immediately following the tv show virtual folder (as opposed to choosing TV Shows, Show Name, Season Number, then Show) you save a few remote clicks. Not a big deal but it really adds some nice polish and you no longer feel like you need to drill down several menus to get to the file you want to watch. The left cursor menu is also much more usable, allowing you to select which filter you want to use for TV Shows.

You might consider adding the same left cursor filter menu to the movies virtual folder. Now, when you click movies you get to the filter page (All Movies, By Genre, By Cast... etc). I suggest making "All Movies" the default. User could cursor left to call up the filter menu. They can check "viewed or unviewed" but also select the filters that are now their own menu "All movies, By Genre, etc..." Sapphire would remember the filter choice so next time you came back to Sappire and you selected the Movies virtual dir., the next page would show all movies, if you had selected that, or a list of actors if you had selected "By Cast", etc.

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