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Using QT7 as default ?

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Would it be possible for Sapphire to call the Quicktime Player 7 to play all videos instead of the installed QTX on Snow Leopard ?

I like to have a two display setup, a smaller screen to run FrontRow? and a big TV, where the movie should finally run in full-screen.

This was possible in older OS X Versions that were using QT 7.
In QT 7 you could go the the QT preference pane and simply select,
where a full screen video should be played.
This also works on Snow Leopard, e.g. by using the QT 7 player
as default for avi files.
But that does not force Sapphire to start the QT 7 player ...

Im not sure how sapphire starts movies, by calling a whatever QT X
library function, by telling FrontRow? itself to play the movie
(well FrontRow? always runs on the primary display, but always
moving the menu bar in the display pane is a not really practical
option) or by simply starting the quicktime player
in fullscreen ?

If the later is the case, how could I trick sapphire to use
the old Quicktime 7 player wich supports to run the movie
on the second big display ?

Would be possible to have an option in the settings on wich
display spahhire will run the movie ? This would be best ...

Kind regards, Frank

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I forgot to mention that my smaller screen surely will be a touchscreen display,
can you imagine the scenario (best living room setup ever) !

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