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Choose preferred Language for titles

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i hate how all my foreign movies show up in the foreign title ... can't we specify that we want the english title for all listings, so that a foreign movie will show up as "The Host", instead of "Gwoemul"

or....maybe to allow better options for everyone, if imdb has multiple titles for an entry...give us the option to choose which title we want to use.

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by pmerrill

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Defiantly something to consider. We currently only capture the primary title. This is the one IMDB uses when you view a given movie title.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by snown

I agree that I would like to see this in future fixes.

But, a temporary work around, that I just today figured out, is:

  1. create XML metadata files for the foreign movies that just specify the correct language title.
  2. Clear the existing metadata from the movie (using the mark to clear menu).
  3. Run a Populate File Data
  4. Run a Fetch Movie Data

Since Sapphire uses XML data over anything else when available, this changes the title of the show, but still keeps all the nice stuff like IMDB Top 250 Sorting.

The main problem with this is now you have XML files all over the place in your movie folder -- unless there is a way to put them all in their own folder, like the cover art from Sapphire 1.0b3, that I don't know about.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by gbooker

Step 2 shouldn't be necessary, and step 3 and 4 should be able to be done in a single import all data.

Alternatively, if you dislike XML files, you can exit Sapphire, and edit Library/Application? Support/Sapphire?/metadata.plist in Property List Editor (it is a binary file, so don't try a hex editor unless you really know what you are doing).

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by snown

I put all those steps in because in my case many of my files are listed twice in the metadata (perhaps because my AFP mounts are in the movie folder?) and if you try to import without clearing all the data first it only modifies one record in that metadata.plist

to the same extent when I tried to modify the metadata.plist I only modified one so it actually made two separate listings in my virtual folder one with the foreign name,a nd one with the English name. Then when I went back and tried to edit both records it never cleared the foreign title record.

So the instructions I gave were excessive, but guarantee success.

comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by wazza

Another option could be storing the AKA's as part of the film metadata and allowing the user to choose the film title via a right-click menu

Sapphire > Movies > Seven Samurai > AKA > Shichinin no samurai
                                          Seven Samurai
                                          Shichi-nin no samurai
                                          The Seven Samurai

I favour keeping things as much in the main Sapphire interface as much as possible and using XML files as little as possible.

Sapphire is a UI driven application and in terms of user centered design there is little point in having two points of entry, as this can lead to complications, both for the user and also for developers who need to keep track of the two.

Unfortunately there is only so much that can be done with the limited number of buttons on the apple remote, and also, of course, its use must be as intuitive as possible, but I think maximising it's use makes more sense than expecting non-power users to fiddle with the XML.

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comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by wazza

I've added an implementation of my suggestion above. If the IMDb result contains "Also Known As" it will provide the option to choose alternative names via the Mark Menu.

I guess this means the mark menu is no longer just for marking data, I guess a better name would be SapphireFileOptions or something similar, but I didn't change this because it would mess up svn. If you decide to change the name a quick way of doing this throughout the code is

find . -name *.[mh] | xargs sed -i 's/SapphireMarkMenu/<better_name>/g'

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by gbooker

Is this better done on import? I ask this more as a design question.

comment:8 Changed 9 years ago by wazza

It could be done on import, I don't think either option could be described as better or worse.

The AKA enhancement is one that probably wouldn't be used very often* and as long as it had little impact on the import that's as good a place to have it as any.

I've googled Sapphire and while it gets mostly good reviews one sticking point with users is the amount of time taken on import due to the interactions. This was why I decided to put AKA in the mark menu, it doesn't affect import and can be used on a case-by-case basis for a small subset of movies.

As long as there is no extra interaction during the import there's no reason not to have it there. One option I see would be to add aka selection to the task in [168], which I'm still working on, albeit slowly :), but apart from that I don't see how to add it without an impact on import interactions.

  • at least for native English speakers, if I was a native French/Spanish/Nepali?/whatever speaker I would probably prefer my titles in my language. The releaseinfo subpage for hits on IMDb contains alternative titles for many countries and could be used with the users current locale, although this does mean an extra URL fetch per movie which would slow things down.

But I got a lot done on it this weekend, I promise!

comment:9 Changed 8 years ago by pd5rm

I have the same issue. I'd like to see the English title of the foreign film. I was wondering if there was any progress since on this since the last update was over a year ago.

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