If you are going to submit a bug report, there are a few steps to follow. Note: Often the AppleTV doesn't log to it's log files, which can be noticed by the timestamps of the last entries. Sometimes, executing kill $(ps aux | grep -i [F]inder | awk '{print $2}'); open /System/Library/CoreServices/ will correct the logging.

  1. Search for an existing tickets. If you find one that matches your report, comment there (if you have something to add)
  2. State whether you are on on AppleTV or Leopard
  3. Examine the last part of the console. On the AppleTV, you can execute tail /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log. On Leopard, open /Applications/Utilities/ This is important even if it crashed, because it may have thrown an exception earlier in the code which caused the crash. If the console is empty, state that fact (this is a means to check if you read this document).
    1. Often the AppleTV will not log. Check the timestamps next to the most recent log entry. If it is not recent, try restarting Finder as stated above.
    2. Note: If the console mentions something similar to
      Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException *** +[SapphireFrontRowCompat ...]: selector not recognized
      the likely culprit is a version of ATVFiles which is too old. This is due to the fact that both ATVFiles and Sapphire share some code, and Sapphire's is newer. Either upgrade ATVFiles, or if a newer version of ATVFiles isn't available, trash it, and this should resolve the issue.
  4. Follow the steps appropriate to your situation:
    • Crashes or frozen interface:
      1. If the console says that a crash log was written, examine that file. The console tells you the location of this file.
        1. If this file says that that it crashed due to an uncaught exception, there is no reason to post it, although there are few lines which would be useful to post. They are lines which state where in memory Sapphire and its components are located. Search the crash log for lines like the following (You may not have all lines, and they may look different. Also, I have removed data from these lines which is not necessary for debugging):
           0x14cf000 -  0x14d2fff ??? (1.0)
           0x152b000 -  0x155bfff ??? (1.0b4.2 (408))
          0x14ba2000 - 0x14ba2ff8 ??? (1.0)
      2. If you are experiencing a frozen user interface (nothing happens no matter what buttons you press), execute sudo sample Finder 5 (password is frontrow) or sample "Front Row" 5 if you are on Leopard. It will give you a filename containing the analysis. Include the contents of that file.
      3. Prune the information.
        1. Console log information need only have data about exceptions, errors, and the like that came from Front Row (Finder on the AppleTV).
        2. Crash logs need only the last log, from the last set of * to the end.
    • Failed importing:
      1. Ensure the scrapers are up to date by running the update in settings.
      2. Include the exact file name of the file which is failing.
      3. If this is a TV show, state whether this is part of a series to which other files have been successfully imported
      4. Include whether you were asked for information, and if possible which selections you made.
      5. If any XML files are used for this file, include it.
  5. Post the above information here.
    1. Upload the file to a trac ticket (a new one if yours is not a duplicate, with the existing one if you found a ticket just like yours). If you upload a file, please use plain text files.
    2. Alternatively, you can post the info in your comment. Posting information looks best if it is enclosed in triple curly brackets, like the following:
      Log contents
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