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Added info about an old ATVFiles


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    33 1. State whether you are on on AppleTV or Leopard 
    44 1. Examine the last part of the console.  On the AppleTV, you can execute {{{tail /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log}}}.  On Leopard, open {{{/Applications/Utilities/}}}.  This is important even if it crashed, because it may have thrown an exception earlier in the code which caused the crash.  If the console is empty, state that fact. 
     5   a. Note: If the console mentions something about {{{[SapphireFrontRowCompat}}}, the likely culprit is a version of ATVFiles which is too old.  This is due to the fact that both ATVFiles and Sapphire share some code, and Sapphire's is newer.  Either upgrade ATVFiles, or if a newer version of ATVFiles isn't available, trash it, and this should resolve the issue. 
    56 1. If the console says that a crash log was written, examine that file.  The console tells you the location of this file. 
    67   a. If this file says that that it crashed due to an uncaught exception, there is no reason to post it, although there are few lines which would be useful to post.  They are lines which state where in memory Sapphire and its components are located.  Search the crash log for lines like the following (You may not have all lines, and they may look different.  Also, I have removed data from these lines which is not necessary for debugging):