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    33== Version Information == 
     6=== [ Sapphire Beta 5] (1.0b5) === 
     7    * Thanks to Coldy, we have retired the hideous “S” for a more appealing icon. 
     8    * Sapphire will display the correct metadata when the view is toggled. 
     9    * Sapphire will now attempt to remember which item was selected when toggling between views. 
     10    * Mark menu will now show the name of the item being marked. 
     11    * XML file data can now override filename’s values when searching for a TV ep. This fixes ticket #8. 
     12    * Sapphire now accounts for two TV episodes in one file. See ticket #14. 
     13    * Import tools in FrontRow now have a more visible “button” to start them. 
     14    * Clearing metadata for directories should work a little better. 
     15    * Individual directories can now be “Marked to Skip” effectively telling Sapphire to skip them for importing. This Fixes ticket #15 & ticket #76. We’d appreciate feedback on this feature. 
     16    * Arbitrary (physical) directories can now be marked as collections. 
     17    * Fixed a typo in the TV Show importer - it’s text now on topic. 
     18    * Optimized several mechanisms dealing with Virtual Directories. 
     19    * For consistency, Sapphire will now revert AC-3 Passthrough to whatever setting it was before it played an AC-3 encoded file. 
     20    * Updated the methods Sapphire uses to detect mounted drives. This should result in more accurate results. 
     21    * Sapphire’s translation lists have been stripped of path extensions. This will come in handy later. 
     22    * Cleaned up the deallocation of metadata. It’s good to be tidy. 
     23    * Plugged some (small & large) memory leaks that could bog down the UI when left running for extended amounts of time. 
     24    * Sapphire now supports the Video_TS (DVD) format. Directories containing a VIDEO_TS will now be recognized as a file instead of a directory. This feature is not supported for the ATV. 
     25    * DVDs mounted directly (such as a mounted optical drive) will be playable from the main menu. 
     26    * Fixed an error that was causing Sapphire to crash when loading metadata. This fixes ticket #47. 
     27    * Sapphire is now capable of importing files in the background. 
    629=== [ Sapphire Beta 4.2] (1.0b4.2) ===