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    33== Version Information == 
     6=== [ Sapphire Beta 7 Preview 6] (1.0b7.5) === 
     7   * Disabled the pruning step in the import in favor of auto-pruning 
     8   * Present an error when attempting to playback a DVD on the ATV rather than crashing. This fixes #312 
     9   * This version is the first to be built on Snow Leopard, so it may have some new issues that we haven’t detected yet. 
     10==== 1.0b7.4 ==== 
     11   * Naming a non-episodic TV episode now accepts a lower case S in the episode number. 
     12   * The preview pane now displays the amount of time remaining for partially watched files 
     13   * The audio and video data displayed in the preview pane only display unique tracks and subtitle tracks are displayed after the video 
     14   * A few memory leaks were fixed 
     15   * Fixed a format string vulnerability, which could result in a crash or worse 
     16   * Use a better mechanism for checking to see if an internal object is deleted when browsing directories, especially virtual directories. This fixes #308 
     17   * Brought back audio playback again 
     18   * Fixed a strange CoreData exception which can sometimes cause the Movies directory to be empty 
     19   * Update the preview pane if metadata changes on a file. 
     20==== 1.0b7.3 ==== 
     21   * Added translation ability to Main Menu items. This fixes #302 
     22   * Reload posters in poster chooser upon download completion. This fixes #305 
     23   * Added translation ability to metadata display, including updates to French translations (other languages need someone who can translate for their updates). This fixes #304 
     24   * Compatibility classes loader can now detect a later version of its classes and load newer one 
     25==== 1.0b7.2 ==== 
     26   * Detect when the Movies directory is really a symlink. This fixes #295 
     27   * Modified some of the Xpaths uses on importers since their behavior seems to have changed in the underlying libraries. This fixes #299 
     28   * Added French, German, Italian, and Spanish translations 
     29   * Added support for the iPhone’s remote app gestures under 2.4 (This needs further testing) 
     30==== 1.0b7.1 ==== 
     31   * IMDB sorting is now corrected. This fixes #293 
     32   * File scan doesn’t run if no collections are importable 
     33   * Importer scans all collections which aren’t skipped instead of all collections which aren’t hidden. This fixes #292 
     34   * Movies with AC3 tracks do not disable the AC3 track even if other tracks are enabled. This previous action was breaking AC3 passthrough in some cases. This fixes #294 
     35   * The UI Quit menu option is now back in the top menu. This fixes #296 
     36==== 1.0b7 ==== 
     37   * The secondary audio/video sources of a file will now be displayed in the media preview pane 
     38   * DTS audio sources can now take advantage of passthrough 
     39   * Sapphire will now automatically generate screen caps when running in Front Row (OSX) 
     40   * A couple of subtitle extensions were missing – they have been added (.ASS & .SSA) 
     41   * The settings and mark menus have been restructured – hopefully to make them easier to understand 
     42   * Sapphire will no longer mark DVDs as collections 
     43   * Playback on MKV files with more than one audio track will now only use the first one enabled. 
     44   * !PreviewPane for movies will no longer attempt to shorten a cast if it’s already short. This fixes #278 
     45   * Imports will now use the XML tag <searchIMDB> when supplied to help find movies on IMDB. This resolves #74 
     46   * Importing movies with unique titles should work again 
     47   * Added the ability to rename files using a ‘pretty name’. 
     48   * Partially watched files now have an unique gem (half red/blue) 
     49   * Added ability to delete files/directories 
     50   * Joining files will now preserve the favorite/watched status 
     51   * Added ability to move files/directories around in file system and retain metadata in the process 
     52   * Added ability to rename directories as well as files 
     53   * Movie Import will now skip IMDB titles classified as “TV Series” titles but not “TV Movies”. This fixes #235 
     54   * Files will now default to display duration instead of file size on menus. 
     55   * Sapphire will now attempt to use symlink path names instead the target path names in importers.  This fixes #211 
     56   * You can now access the mark menu items for main menu collections 
     57   * You can now rename collections see #264 #254 #252 
     58   * TV Episodes without an episode number (Specials) will now be sorted by Air Date 
     59   * Fixed an issue where Sapphire wasn’t setting items as watched when video playback was stopped on ATV 2.3 
    661=== [ Sapphire Beta 6] (1.0b6) ===