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  • Controlling Sapphire Browser

    On the AppleTV:

    With beta 4 we have changed the way the Apple Remote interacts with Sapphire. Specifically the left and right arrow buttons now have dedicated tasks while using the browser. The right arrow button will enter the “Mark Menu” (see Advanced), while the left will enter the “View Menu.” The view menu allows you to change filters on which files are displays and in some cases how items are sorted.

    Sapphire Remote

    In Leopard:

    The Apple remote will respond exactly the same as it does for the AppleTV (See above). In addition to the remote, you can use the keyboard to control Sapphire with the following keys:

    To Select, Play or Pause use:

    Return -or- Space Bar

    To go back (same as hitting the menu button on the remote):


    View Menu:

    Left Arrow ( <– )

    Mark Menu:

    Right Arrow ( –> )

    Move Selector UP:

    UP Arrow

    Move Selector DOWN:

    DOWN Arrow