Feed your addiction – Your AppleTV & Mac just got better.
  • Sapphire Browser is a plug-in designed to take all the hassle out of managing media collections connected to your Mac or AppleTV. Sapphire has the ability to identify TV Shows and Movies simply by looking at the filename. Once identified, Sapphire will download show/movie information and cover art (from TVRage / IMDB / IMPAwards ) turning your stale file list into something worth looking at. More detailed information can be found in the Screenshots section and under the Resources to the right.

    Beta 8.0.6 Released, supporting AppleTV Version 3.0

    Note: Sapphire 1.0b7.8+ contains a component that cannot be redistributed without permission. -or-
    Beta 8 Release Notes

      Sapphire Browser (1.0b4+) runs on ANY Leopard Mac (Intel / PPC).