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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 8 Release Notes

    Posted on May 20th, 2010 gbooker No comments

    Version 8.0.7:

    • Updated scrapers
    • Used a better menu name for UI Quit
    • Allow decision reset for partially imported files. This Fixes #399
    • Corrected thumbnail generation on frontrow. This Fixes the bug mentioned in #45
    • A few minor fixes

    Version 8.0.6:

    • Corrected gestures from iphone remote app.
    • If audio is found, but video is not, file is marked as not having video rather than unsure.
    • Added QT Metadata importer
    • Added overriding of logging levels to settings plist
    • When importing .mov files, check to see if they are joined and import that information appropriately.
    • Updated scrapers
    • Handle PCM playback in DVDs
    • Corrected auto-selection in Movies
    • Added display support for special remote buttons
    • A few minor fixes

    Version 8.0.5:

    • Corrected for change in TVRage’s format. This Fixes #377
    • When upgrading, ignore parent.path and instead recompute it since previous database may be incorrect. This Fixes #375
    • Save sort values corrected return value of sorter so alternate sorts work correctly.

    Version 8.0.4:

    • Playhead in DVD playback updates more frequently
    • Corrected bug which could result in spinner not being displayed on screen.
    • Corrected some cases where XML failed to override values or even provide values. This Fixes #373
    • Correct the large negative duration for files QT cannot open.
    • Added sort by duration and sorting by filesize.
    • Corrected case where cast/genre/director cache doesn’t store all values when upgrading metadata. This Fixes #375
    • Joined files show both the size of the joined file and the total size of all files.

    Version 8.0.3:

    • Corrected location of divider in settings menu.
    • Ignore bootcamp volumes.
    • Rather than independent variables for pending url count, fetch the real value each time to ensure accuracy.
    • Completion of import is ensured before an import state is released.

    Version 8.0.2:

    • Updated scrapers can now be downloaded in the frappliance.
    • Correctly search for strings containg _ – and . in them.
    • Corrected for TVRage’s site modifications.
    • Identify locations where user stores each TV show.
    • Allow moving of an episode into user’s prefered location without having to navigate to that location.
    • The Import Helper no longer deals with CoreData objects, reducing contention on the database.

    Version 8.0.1:

    • Fixed some additional web pages whose creators don’t understand the concept of character encodings
    • Corrected issues with authorization rights when they fail. This Fixes #368

    Version 8:

    • Improved the creation of an episode through XML and ensure the publication date in XML is imported correctly
    • Helper no longer runs TV or Movie importers
    • Movie directories correctly limit to movie files first
    • Metadata displayed in playback on Take 3
    • Network loads now make 3 attempts timing out after 10 seconds rather than a single attempt timing out after 30
    • URL loader now correctly caches loaded data
    • TV importer now uses rss feeds where available
    • Added “sortTitle” key to XML so movies can be sorted by the sort title rather than the actual movie titles. Useful for movies in a series where the number isn’t in the movie title

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