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    Originally Posted 12/25/2007

    First of all, happy holidays!

    On the day we first decided to create this plugin for the AppleTV, we also made another decision: Sapphire would be open sourced. We decided the latter would be dependent on Sapphire being a quality work – one that would instill others to tinker with our code base or even contribute.

    With the latest release, we finally feel that our current version of Sapphire is one worth sharing. Our decision to open source on this day was made about a month ago (on November 26th). All the preparations have been made, so grab yourself a stiff eggnog and take a gander, or two. You can browse the complete code base on the Sapphire Trac or use the Subversion Repository to checkout a copy. Distribution and use is restricted to the terms of the GNU Public License (v3).


    Graham Booker & Patrick Merrill – The Sapphire Browser Developers

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