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  • Sapphire Supported TV Show File Naming Conventions

    Posted on July 23rd, 2007 ucijoker No comments

    There are three naming conventions Sapphire currently supports for TV Shows:

    1.    Show.Name.S##E##.<anything>.ext

    • Ex: The.Sopranos.S03E11.avi
    • The.Sopranos.S01E02.randomstuff.avi
    • REGex representation is [\. -]?S[0-9]+E[S0-9]+

    2.    Show.Name.#x##.<anything>.ext

    • Dexter-1×15.avi
    • Dexter-2×02-random-stuff.avi
    • REGex representation is [\. -]?[0-9]+x[S0-9]+

    3.    Show.Name.###.<anything>.ext

    • Dead.Like.Me.203.avi
    • Dead_Like_Me.111.random_stuff.avi
    • REGex representation is [\. -][0-9]{1,3}[S0-9]{2}[\. -]

    Any separator inside a file name (dot, dash, space) are interchangeable and indifferent to Sapphire.

    You can place the above REGex representations into this REGex Tester to see how Sapphire will react to specific file names you might have.

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