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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 7.7 Release Notes

    Posted on November 21st, 2009 gbooker No comments
    • Sapphire now shows a top icon on ATV version 3
    • Changed TV importer to fetch series cover art when it exists
    • Reduced number of filesystem actions to increase browser’s speed
    • Browser now better handles preserving old selections in light of ability to delete files. This fixes #330
    • iPhone remote actions now supported in more locations
    • File info now shows TV show names in cases where a season or an episodes number is not present (particularly specials)
    • Custom virtual directories can now define custom TV show directories
    • Corrected importer when importing from invalid HTML. This fixes #327
    • The spinner is now correctly centered in wait displays. This fixes #333
    • Sapphire now handles naming schemes along the lines of S01E01E02 without requiring the – between the episodes numbers since they often don’t have them
    • The importer’s display will no longer take so much CPU time instead it will aggregate the display updates to only update 20 times a second
    • The movie importer has been corrected for IMDB changes

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