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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 4.2 Release Notes

    Posted on December 17th, 2007 ucijoker No comments
    • Enabled exception logging.
    • Movie importer will now properly identify movies that won only one Oscar.
    • TV show importer can now handle summaries with nested font objects. This fixes ticket #25.
    • Audited code related to timers. This fixes ticket #31.
    • The TV show importer will be more resilient to the oddities (such as ?? episodes) of TVRage.
    • Improved the filtering of the movie importer. This fixes ticket #32.
    • Clearing the metadata of a file/directory will now actually work.
    • Improved the method sapphire uses to look for Collection Art. This should help sapphire scroll through menu lists (such as TV Shows virtual directory) with less effort.

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