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  • Beta 6 Release Notes

    Posted on April 6th, 2008 gbooker No comments
    • Patch from Stephen for Take 2 Compatibility. This fixes #126.
    • Corrected XML Meta data Overriding. This fixes #108.
    • Added descriptions of settings and mark menus.
    • Allowed VIDEO_TS folders to be marked as movies. This fixes #100.
    • Don’t compact different movies with the same name together as the same movie if they have different release dates (Italian Job). This fixes #106.
    • Special episodes are sorted into their season by air date
    • Enabled Also Known As (AKA) searches on IMDB. This fixes #119.
    • Patch from Stephen to allow directory names to be used in movie searches instead of file names. This fixes #120.
    • Corrected Genre names with returns at the end of them. This fixes #122.
    • Patch from Jeremy to reset the resume time if watched is toggled. This fixes #139.
    • Significantly, reduced memory usage on background importer.
    • Directory names are cropped during import to prevent two lines of display.
    • Use a more lightweight poster chooser if there are a lot of posters.
    • Skipping import of directories corrected. This fixes #15 (hopefully for real this time).

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