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  • Advanced Topics

    Sapphire has several advanced features. Most can be found in the mark menu found in the controls part of the manual.


    • Rename this file/directory provides a keyboard by which you can rename the file or directory.
    • Rename to Pretty Name tells Sapphire to rename the file to a pretty name including the show name with season/episode number for TV episodes, and using the movie name in the case of movies.
    • Mark watched/unwatched will set a file or directory to be watched or unwatched.
    • Mark favorite/not favorite will set a file or directory to be favorite or not favorite.
    • Mark to Refetch TV/Movie Data will tell Sapphire to refetch the meta data on this file from the internet the next time an import is done
    • Clear Metadata tells Sapphire to forget everything it knows about this file
    • Reset Import Decisions tells Sapphire to forget any decisions made in importing this file. This is useful if you accidentally select the wrong TV show or movie.
    • Join to other files will tell Sapphire you wish to add this to the list of files to join. The order is the order they are added to the list.
    • Join This File and Complete will tell Sapphire to add this file to the list of files to join and complete the join. This is the same as selecting both “Join to other files” and “Join Selected Files”
    • Join Selected Files will tell Sapphire to join the files you have marked into a single file.
      • The resulting file is a reference to the original files. Do not delete the originals.
      • The original files are hidden from view as long as the joined file exists. If you wish to see the original files again, delete the joined file.
      • You can join a single file on its own. This will create a reference to the original in the same manner as if multiple files were joined. This feature is useful for MKV files since the import process is done during the join, and need not ever be done again.
      • Note: If the joined file is a movie, you should only tell Sapphire that the joined file is movie and not the individual files.  If the individual files have already been imported, clear their metadata, and then join the files together.  Then, tell Sapphire that the joined file is the movie.
    • Join Clear will tell Sapphire to forget the list of files marked with the previous item.
    • Mark this Directory to Skip Import will tell Sapphire to skip this directory when importing. Its compliment is to Mark Directory For Importing
    • Mark as a Collection will tell Sapphire to create a collection out of this directory even though it isn’t a disk. Its compliment is to Mark to Not be a Collection
    • Move File/Directory tells Sapphire you wish to move this file or directory. You will tell it its new destination in the next step
    • Move to Here tells Sapphire to move the file/directory you said you wished to move earlier into the selected directory. This option is only available on directories
    • Delete File/Directory tells Sapphire to remove the file/directory from the file-system. In addition, Sapphire also forgets everything in knew about the file