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  • Getting Started

    • Access the Sapphire main menu using your Apple TV.
    • Sapphire automatically detects all mounted disks and creates a “collection” for each one. In addition, if you have a Movies directory, one is automatically created for it as well. These collections are the starting points for browsing through your files.
    • Go to the Settings Menu and select “Hide Collections”. This menu will let you choose which folder paths will be available from the main menu. Note that hiding a folder path doesn’t stop the import tools from looking for files there.
    • Also inside the Settings Menu, select “Don’t Import Collections”. Checking folder paths in this menu will tell the import tools which folders to skip.
    • If a directory is not present in the collections list, you can make it a collection by navigating to that directory, and hit the right button to enter the mark menu.  Select “Mark this Directory as a Collection” to add it to the collection list.
    • You may want to consider checking the option “Auto-Select Movies/Shows” at this point. This will cause Sapphire to automatically select the most likely match to a Movie/TV Show name. These selections can be forgotten later if you choose. See the advanced section.
    • From the Main Menu, selecting “Import All Data” will run all three import tools simultaneously. However, if you choose to run the import tools separately (through the Settings Menu), it is strongly recommended that you use “Fetch TV Show Data” before using the “Fetch Movie Data” tool. This will allow the movie importer to skip files already discovered to be TV Shows. See the Sapphire File Formats if your files aren’t successfully being imported.
    • Be patient. The import tool(s) can take a considerable amount of time depending on how many files are in your collection. During testing, a fresh import on ~1 Tera byte worth of TV Shows & 200+ movies took about 20 minutes. If you are running the import(s) for the first time, you will want to stick around to select titles & movie posters for your collection. The import tool(s) will be a bit slower if you are using the airport (wireless connection).
    • Once the import has finished, you might want to tag the TV episodes you have already watched, or tag your favorites. The best way to do this is to select TV Shows from the main menu. Once you have found a directory or file you wish to “Mark as Favorite” or “Mark as Watched”, press the right arrow key to bring up the Mark Menu. Select the appropriate mark operation by pressing the Play/Pause button.
    • Enjoy your fully personalized TV Show & Movie virtual directories packed full of episode and movie information! To switch between Unwatched , Favorite and Browse menu views simply push the left arrow key.