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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 7.6 Release Notes

    Posted on November 7th, 2009 gbooker No comments
    • Added take 3 compatibility. This fixes #323
    • Fetching data from TVRage now has a shorter timeout (for cases where the site is unresponsive)
    • Cached data from TVRage expires after a minute of no use
    • Corrected import of show names from XML as well as added test case. This fixes #318
    • Added ability to create custom movie virtual directories via an XML file. This was a patch by skyy99_1111. Fixes #313
    • When a show is identified, a translation for the show name is added so “pretty name” versions of the files can also be identified without asking again
    • Detection of no summary is more robust and corrected for changes in TVRage
      The reset of metadata is now enabled if any import has been done, not just if the type has been identified
    • Import of multiple episode files is handled better. The search for an existing episode now searches for matching range, not just an episode whose range contains the first episode
      The resume time is reset for a file when it is marked as watched
    • The Beta 6 series is no longer supported in favor of 7
    • Background imported while browsing will now run on files which are missing TV or Movie data, not just file data

    Prior changes since the last stable release can be found here.

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