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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 7.8.2 Release Notes

    Posted on February 25th, 2010 gbooker No comments

    Version 7.8.2:

    • Updated French localization
    • Ensure destination directory exists on cover art download
    • Corrected insertion of nil into an array. This Fixes#358
    • Corrected Gestures for ATV 3.0.2
    • Reduced memory usage in Poster Chooser
    • Increased speed of processing in scrapers
    • Don’t attempt to load a nil URL in import
    • Renaming to pretty name no longer starts a move process for that file

    Version 7.8.1:

    • Removed warning about framework version unless it is really necessary.
    • Corrected exception when using auto select on a movie that returns no results. This Fixes#356

    Version 7.8:

    • Added Common Media Player framework which supports DVD playback on the AppleTV
    • Switched importers to use scrapers from XMBC which adds background processing and improves results
    • Added ability to just view descriptions in preview
    • Added ability for importer to use nfo files for fetching information
    • Corrected actions on VIDEO_TS directories This fixes #341
    • Corrected German translations. This fixes #338
    • Handle S01E01E02 in addition to S01E01-E02
    • Custom virtual directories now support more numeric comparisons
    • Custom virtual directories now support TV shows as well as movies

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