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  • Sapphire Browser Beta 4.1 Release Notes

    Posted on December 11th, 2007 ucijoker No comments
    • Fixed an issue with the movie importer that was causing some movie titles to be omitted from the movie title chooser. This fixes #32.
    • We have changed the way Sapphire stores cover art. Once the importers have been ran, Sapphire will automatically create folders to house your cover art. See Collection Art for more details.
      • “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/”
        • Sapphire will download all TV show screen caps to this directory and place them in the appropriate sub-folders. ShowName/Season #/
        • Placing a cover.ext in any of these directories will have sapphire display them as directory art.
          • for example: the file: “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/24/cover.ext” will display as the default cover art for all 24 episodes where “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@TV/24/Season 3/cover.ext” would display for any third season 24 episode.
      • “~/Library/Application Support/Sapphire/Collection Art/@MOVIES/”
        • Sapphire will download all posters to this location.
    • Users now have the option to “Hide Poster Chooser” in the settings menu. This tells Sapphire to automatically pick a poster to use for a given movie without the user needing to select a poster during the movie import.
    • Movie Importer will no longer give the user an empty title chooser.
    • Fixed issue with no posters found causing an exception. This fixes ticket #26.
    • The File Joiner menu has been improved.
    • Fixed various spelling and grammar errors.
    • All menus can now wrap around. This should help users transitioning between the top and bottom of a menu more quickly.
    • Users will now see “Premiered” date for movies instead of “Released” when previewing a movie in the browser.
    • Added badges to the Title Chooser lists. This should help with accidentally selecting the correct title in the wrong importer.
    • Users can now delete metadata for individual files or folders using the Mark Menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the import tools wouldn’t flush their queues when the import process was canceled. Changing the skipped collections will no longer require sapphire to be restarted.

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